My Baby Must Haves!

This is one of the questions that I got from my Q & A post that I wanted to do a separate post on!

From Erin @ The Williamson Family 

Now that Mason is here I’m sure you are using all sorts of fun things… What is the MUST Have baby item(s) that you can’t live without?

I have quite a few items that I couldn’t live without.

My Boppy

This is the exact one that I have. At first I didn’t like it, even though I brought it to the hospital I only attempted to use it once. When I got home I decided to give it another shot and I’m so glad that I did. It makes breastfeeding so much easier and it also as a place to place him so that he’s next to me. YES I know it says no sleeping etc but I have used it to let him sleep. But I’m up the entire time so I know he’s okay. It also helps when I’m eating dinner and little man decides he wants dinner/snack as well. With this I can nurse and feed myself at the same time!

My Pack and Play 

Love This! We set it up in our living room a couple days after Mason came home. My back was KILLING me from changing him on the couch so I set it up with the intention of using the changer the most. Every time I change him I use it, it’s so easy to wipe down which is awesome especially since he likes to poop/pee as soon as his diaper comes off. He’s done this multiple times already!

My Moby Wrap

See my little man all cuddled up in there? Prior to putting him in this he was screaming his head off. He was in there for about oh I dunno 2.2 seconds before he fell asleep. And as I write this post he’s in it right now! I love it because it keeps him close to me especially when he’s feeling yucky like he has been this week. He’s sleeping soundly now which I love and I’m able to do things even go to the bathroom (TMI? Maybe). I can’t wait to get more wraps and slings. I’m getting a Sleepy Wrap soon which is similar to the Moby Wrap. And I’ve been searching Esty for cute slings! Moby Wrap

My Udder Cover 

Okay SO I haven’t gotten this…YET. But I ordered it and it should be here soon. How do I know I love it? EASY…the blankets just aren’t cutting it. I can’t see my little man at all and it’s so hard to adjust knowing that it can fall off at any second and there I’ll be exposing myself! This enables me to see Mason and adjust without those worries. I can’t wait to get it, I’ll let you know if I still love it once I have it!

Carter’s Bouncer

I knew this was going to be a favorite from the beginning. I love how easy it is to use and how cute it is. Since Mason has been sick this is what he sleeps in. It gives him the elevation he needs so that he doesn’t get too stuffed up. We haven’t even put batteries in it yet and it’s already doing a great job lol

Crane Elephant Humidifier 

I know I posted about this before but this is also a must have. Mainly because Mason hasn’t been feeling well and it helps him sleep but also because it’s cute. I’m going to continue to use it as he gets older even when he’s not sick.

So I think that’s all my essentials. If I think of anything more I’ll add to this post. But I LOVE these items!

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  1. Little Miss Emmy Lou says

    I was just working on my Baby Must Have list as well! Love your list and I couldn't agree with your items more!

  2. Single Mama says

    Thanks for something like this!!! I'm really into making lists, and these items that I already don't have on here will be added 🙂

  3. Jayme says

    I remember sitting at my computer desk when Lili was born with her curled around me on top of the boppy- she would sleep best there 🙂

  4. Beth P. says

    I LOVE that shirt you have Mason in! It reminds me of the little itty bitty onesies Collin used to wear…

    I absolutely agree that the Boppy is a must have!

    There is an award for you on my blog!

  5. shakesrear says

    The stretchy wrap is good for now, but as he gets bigger, you'll want a woven wrap for the support and for the convenience of back carries. Might as well save up for one of those right away instead of getting another stretchy wrap.

    You should try the BabyBjorn Babysitter 1-2-3 ( Apparently it's now hard to find in the US, but it's really perfect, especially with babywearing. Since it's very lightweight and folds flat, you can just add a shoulder strap to it and carry it with you everywhere.

  6. Krystyn says

    What a cutie.

    Oh, the boppy is a total must.

    I have a moby wrap and never felt like I got it on right…I needed lessons!

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