Mason’s 1st Bath!

Remember when I asked what was different from his 2 week photos to his 3 week photos? Well his umbilical cord fell out! On Thursday (the 18th) I was changing his diaper first thing int he morning when I noticed that his cord was missing but I couldn’t find it anywhere! And that’s when I realized that it was stuck to my hand. Kinda gross lol. Anyway I was SO excited that I would be able to give him his first real bath!

I did it on Saturday (his three week “birthday”)

My lil nakey baby! He was completely calm the entire time. I loved his mesh tub and so did he!
A Bath Luve is a must have I think it really helped him to stay warm the entire time which is a good thing since I think I spent more time taking pictures/videos then actually bathing him! 
He’s completely sticking his tongue out at me! Just like his Aunt Ava! 
After we got out of the bath I took some pictures of him in his puppy towel. 
A little piece of advice for any soon to be Moms who want to do this photo shoot…Put a diaper on the baby when he comes out of the tub. Otherwise he/she will do what my little guy did and poop in his really cute towel. All while giving you a “What Mom? That felt really good” face! 
And now for the video…He’s doing absolutely nothing the whole time. In fact you’ll mainly hear my silly baby voice but the video had to be taken!! 
Long Story Short...well sorta
I'm So Excited!


  1. Beccalynn says

    Wow, that bath love towel thingy looks wonderful! MY daughter HATES baths and I have to think that it's probably because she gets cold. What a brilliant idea!

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