Mason’s 1 Week Old Pictures

I forget which blog I saw this on or if it were multiple…if you know which please let me know! But I decided this was a great idea and I wanted to do it as well so every week, every Saturday (or sometimes Sunday because I was always late before I had a baby imagine how late I’ll be now!) I’ll post pictures these Pictures of Mason!

He was NOT happy with me at all but it had to be done lol. My Cute little Baby 🙂

Too Cute Tuesday
MaMa Blogs...


  1. Jayme says

    It gets harder as they get older
    I try to do it monthly LOL
    I have a square at the bottom of my blog for their first year

  2. Raising Z says

    Too cute 🙂 I too do it monthly for the first year and then yearly after that. Z has a duck that he poses with and C has a bear. It is fun to watch them grow and also fun to see how big they are compared to their animal 🙂

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