Mason Update

Mason is two weeks today!! I can’t believe he’s already two weeks! I’ll do the picture post later when he’s awake! Let me update you on our week!

Sunday was the Superbowl and Mason and I watched it here at home while B went out to a friends. As a long time Saints fan he was nervous he would be too loud for Mason. B wasn’t sure if the Saints would win but I knew they would because Mason was their good luck charm!

The snow has been crazy here! I told B that our half NY baby brought the snow with him (if You remember he was born during a snow storm) We got hit with a ton and the local schools in the “city” and county have been canceled this entire week which was a huge surprise for me because the main roads and our street look fine. Mason started to not feel so well on Monday. Anyway Monday night my Mom had me call the doctor to talk about his cough because it was very flemy, he was very congested and he wasn’t nursing as well. The doctor suggested getting a humidifier and using saline drops to help clear out his stuffy nose. So the next morning I sent B out to get those things. We got this humidifier:

Cute right? Anyway we put it in every room that he was in and made sure he stayed elevated and tried to take as many boogers as possible out as often as possible but he still kept getting congested. Later that night on Tuesday I moved the froggy up to our bedroom and it stopped working 🙁 I was not a happy camper especially since I knew Mason needed it to help him breathe better.

So Wednesday afternoon Mason had a doctors appointment to make sure he was still gaining weight. B and I got him all ready and went to the doctor where we discovered that they were closed due to weather. THANKS for calling doctor’s office. It wasn’t a big deal for me to take my sick 10 day old baby out in freezing cold weather at all. So I called the doctors office to speak with the on call doctor. She suggested going to the ER just to make sure everything was good. So I brought Mason into the ER. I was so upset I had to bring him in there. He was already sick enough I didn’t want him to get even sicker! I brought my Moby Wrap (which I found by the way for all those on Twitter who knew I couldn’t find it) with me and put him in it so that he would be as far from the germs as possible. Side Note: EVERYONE was amazed by it and kept asking me how it worked etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Anyway the doctor said he was looking good and they weighed him, he was 8lbs 15.4 oz which was passed his birth weight BEFORE he turned too weeks which is awesome. The doctor told me to watch for “Tummy Breathing” and flaring nostrils and suggested using breast milk up his nose instead of the saline drops which @heartsandhands also suggested on Twitter. It works WAY better then the Saline drops FYI. They sent me home. Then later I sent B out to exchange the humidifer since it wasn’t working he got this one instead:

Same humidifier just a different animal. The mist comes out of his trunk. BTW the frog was never broken it just couldn’t have water in the bottom piece when you refilled the top piece because then the water from the top piece couldn’t drain into the bottom piece. You would know what I was talking about if you had this humidifier lol.

On Friday the doctors office called to let me know that I should reschedule my appointment with them since they were closed on Wednesday. Oh wait doctor’s office…you DO have my number? Thanks for using it on WEDNESDAY!! So we scheduled an appointment for that day. Mason and I went and he got a breathing treatment and he got weighed. He’s still gaining weight at 9lbs .08 oz. The breathing treatment didn’t really work and the doctor wanted to see him again today (Saturday). He wanted to see him again because the thought he might need to be hospitalized because he might have RSV. So he had an appointment at 8:45 this morning. The doctor was happy with the way he was looking and didn’t think he needed to be hospitalized THANK GOD! I would have been so sad if my baby had to go into the hospital. She gave us warning signs to look for and sent us on our way. Oh and he was weighed again he did lose some weight he was at like 8lbs 14 oz but it wasn’t significant enough for them to be worried which is good.

He’s still pretty congested and has a bad cough but I think he’s on his way to getting better. She said they usually start getting better between day 5-7 and Mason is on about day 6. So within the week he SHOULD be recovered. They have us coming in on Monday just to make sure he’s still doing well. So if everyone could keep him in there thoughts and prayers that would be great! I just want my little guy to start feeling better sooner rather than later obviously!

Even with Mason being sick he’s still not a fussy baby. It probably helps that he hasn’t had a fever thus far which is great. Mason only cries when he’s hungry or has a dirty diaper which is amazing. I’ve truly been blessed with a happy baby! Later I’ll get the two week pictures up.

Keep sending those questions in! clovecg at gmail dot com

Mason's 2 Weeks!!
Mason's First...


  1. Jamie says

    We have the elephant too!!! We love it, and they kiddos have used it for almost a year now! IT is part of our nightly routine, we turn on music, the elephant and off to be we go! I am sorry to hear he is snotty, but it will get better!

  2. Jamie says

    We have the elephant too!!! We love it, and they kiddos have used it for almost a year now! IT is part of our nightly routine, we turn on music, the elephant and off to be we go! I am sorry to hear he is snotty, but it will get better!

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