Long Story Short…well sorta

Today Mason turned four weeks so I’ll be posting his four week update at some point today! I have a surprise announcement well at least for those that don’t follow me on Twitter and here’s a hint about what it is…

These were all taken in the last couple of days…So for those of you who know who all those people are besides Mason and I of course know that we’re in NY! What you guys may not know is that I’m going to be living her for good.

Welcome to Being a Single Mom….

And before I go I’d like you all to know I’m okay. Mason’s okay and B’s okay too. This is just what’s better for everyone. Hopefully this doesn’t have to be forever but if it is. That’s okay too 🙂 

Today is going to be a good day! 1st I’m going to Babies R Us to get some much needed items and 2nd Jake has a basketball game that the whole family is going too so I’m super excited.

Also don’t forget about the extra entries to my giveaway event that you can earn here and if you could everything was reset at Top Baby Blogs so if you could just click that little button below that would be great, it only takes a second! Jeez I’m needy today 😉 

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I Love It Soooo
Mason's 1st Bath!

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