Teen Mom Recap!!!

Amber–Gary moved out and into his Mom’s house and Amber is “living on her own” but Gary is paying all the bills. He should be she is taking care of Leah after all. Where are Amber’s parents? I feel like I never see them, why can’t she move back in with them? My Parents would LOVE it if I moved back in with them! Leah STOOD! All by herself! So cute how excited Amber got! Glad Amber is going to put Leah in Daycare, you gotta do what you gotta do but at the same time I understand how she feels completely. The thought of my little guy being in daycare instead of with family kills me.

Catelynn–It’s nice that Catelynn is feeling better after her retreat. I think it’s so weird that Catelynn’s Mom is married to Tyler’s Dad. I feel so bad for them! And now Butch (Tyler’s Dad) is going back to jail? Sucks! It must be so awkward for Catelynn and EVERYONE else. I mean Butch is spending the weekend with his EX? Because he got into a fight with his wife, who’s Catelynn’s mom!!! So odd. Haha Tyler points out that some boy always hits on Catelynn when she wasn’t pregnant not when she was, um ya sure? It takes a special man to hit on a pregnant woman who wasn’t HIS pregnant woman lol. Butch ends up not having to go to jail which is nice for him and his family!

Farrah, Farrah, Farrah. I’m so glad you decided to take a break from dating to spend more time with Sophia someone must have finally gotten to  you…P.S. Did you guys know that Sophia’s father is no longer living? Sad. Um Homework that involves cooking yummy pizza? Sign me Up! Does anyone else find it weird that Farrah refers to spending time with Sophia as “Watching Sophia” as if she’s some sort of babysitter instead of her mother? I dunno it’s just something weird. Farrah is so good at Babywearing…UM NOT! lol I’m glad that her and her sister made up. Family is important. Especially if the family is actually taking an interest in her life.

Maci is my favorite. She’s so sweet and genuine at least that’s what it seems like. Why is Ryan the only person who doesn’t take his life seriously? Everyone else does. Ryan just wants everything handed to him on a silver platter. And even when it is (like with a job that pays well) he still has an excuse as to why he can’t do it. So over it. Don said a lot of things to Ryan that should have made him understand the sacrifices he needs to make as a father and he won’t do it. The fact that Maci is at the counseling session ALONE drives me nuts. She can’t fix everything on her own. “I just don’t want Bentley to think I didn’t try” I hear ya Maci, I hear ya!

Thoughts on the coming attractions: I really hope Ryan was kidding when he called Maci LAZY for thinking about dropping out of some of her classes (probably to take care of Bentley more!) and what happens if Tyler and Catelynn do get married and have more kids? I wonder how Carly will feel about it when she’s older. I ALWAYS wondered what would happen if they DID get married and EVENTUALLY had more kids!

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