Speaking of Labor

So I think I’ve been having Braxton Hicks Contractions…I THINK…see it’s hard to tell when you’ve never had them before. So does anyone want to tell me what they feel like?

To me they feel like I have a really really bad stomach ache. And then it goes away….does that sound about right? Who knows.

Here’s something I need to add to my Baby Bucket List

–Change Blog Layout…it’s still Christmas themed


I wanted to do a guess when the Baby Will Come Post! So this is it…I want EVERYONE including those who stalk read but never comment, you know who you are :), to guess as well. So take a guess on the day, weight, time and length and hell guess the name if you’d like! BUT if you’re on Twitter and you accidentally saw that post from a while back and know one of the possible names don’t say it lol. But any other name will do. Is it really obvious I’m trying to make one of you name my baby since I’m not sure what I want to name him still? I think it is. Oh well 🙂

Just as a reminder at my last appointment Bean hadn’t dropped and the doctor estimated he weighed anywhere from 6-7lbs (actually that was my appointment from 2 weeks ago but you get the idea) and also I hadn’t dilated yet. SOOO go ahead guess away!

Daddy Diaper Event
39 Weeks and Baby Belly Pictures!


  1. Just Add Walter says

    My guesses:

    Jan 26 at 3:23pm
    Height: 21.5
    Weight: 7.9

    I have no guesses for the name but I am guessing it ISNT going to be "bean" — hehe! 🙂

  2. Beth P. says

    Braxton Hicks are not really painful per se. Its more like your belly gets really, really hard for hwoever long it lasts for, then it goes away. If they are BH contractions you should drink some water and relax for a few and they should go away. If they are painful and/or don't go away or change when you sit down and have some fluids and change position I'd start timing them!

    I'm not going to guess because I am awful at that tpye of thing, but I hope he's here soon! I can't wait to see pictures of your bean!

  3. Midday Escapades says

    Oh, I'm horrible at this, so I'll let others do the guessing. I didn't have any contractions at all for both of my two c-sections.

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