So I got these :)

So I got some awards to share…2 (well really just one but given by two diff people) recently and 2 others not so recently and I know this MUST be bad blogger etiquette but the only thing I will say in my defense is that when I received the last two Awards I had JUST made a post about other awards I received and so I drafted these for another day and completely forgot until I went through my posts to see what I had saved in drafts and low and behold I had some awards. So let me start with the latest one!

This  Award I got from Jayme at The Tater Twins I think it’s so cute! And I love her blog I’ve been reading it since pretty much the beginning of blogging days which apparently wasn’t even that long ago! I also received this award from Annie at Santiago Twin Girls she’s from Puerto Rico (my Grandma’s home land!!) and blogs in Spanish and English!  
Rules are that I have to list 10 things that make me happy and pass it on to 10 bloggers! So in random order:
1. Feeling Bean Kick
2. My siblings
3. My Mom and Dad
4. The Rest of my CrAzY family
4. A good book
5. A Bubble Bath!
6. Ice Cream on a hot summer day, Okay who am I kidding ice cream ANY day!
7. Good Dreams
8. NY
9. My TV shows
10. Sleeping In
This award I got from Beth @ Laugh Until You cry. You have to pass this award onto five blogs with the instructions that they pass it along to five blogs they feel show great attitude or gratitude.

 I also got this award from Beth @ Laugh until You Cry

1) Display the award logo

2) Nominate up to 9 blogs that make you feel comfy or warm inside
3) Link to your Nominees and leave a comment on their blog telling them about the award.

4) Link to the person whom you received the award.

So Altogether that would be 24 bloggers and while I will admit that I do read more than 24 blogs I’m going to pass it along to ALL my followers, yea I know a bit lazy but the Nursery still needs to get done ya know! 🙂 With a special shout out to some more recent blogs I’ve been enjoying lately!

Abby @ Babbling Abby 
Brit @ Brit and Dave Plus One
Erin @ The Williamson Family
Katie @ Baby Bumble B
Amy @ Just Add Walter (okay so I’ve been reading her blog forever but I love her blog and she deserves many many awards :)!)
Single Mama Central
Val @ Truth Be Told

39 Weeks and Baby Belly Pictures!
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  1. Annie says

    Congratulations on your awards!!!

    How excited that your Grandma is from Puerto Rico (the other day I was wondering how you now about the tradition of The Three Kings, and my question was answer).

    How is everything for the baby?

  2. E. Williamson says

    Awww.. Thanks 🙂 You are too sweet.
    Girl.. you better get to that nursery. Time is running out… (not pressure or anything).
    Can't wait!!!

  3. Just Add Walter says

    congrats on all your awards and thanks for your sweet comment and my awards! 🙂

    literally on pins and needles waiting for little bean!!! 🙂

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