Rewind: Christmas Eve

I know everyone has seen a ton of Christmas posts and at this point NYE Posts but I wanted to rewind to Christmas Eve with my Mom’s side of the family so they can catch a glimpse of some of the pictures. I’ll also post some NYE pictures too (but later)!

No, this isn’t the cutest picture of Ava well at least not at first glance. See she’s giving me her classic stink eye. And do you see her fingers? Well she’s pointing at me and yelling. Oh my little Ava, while I’m excited to hear you talk up a storm like Luke I’m going to miss imaging what you’re saying as you give me the stink eye, point your finger(s) at me and yell incoherently!
Luke waiting not so patiently 
Not so good of a picture right? Well it’s pretty much the best one and you’ll see that’s the case in just a second. Notice Luke positioning Ava’s head so she was looking at the plethora of cameras. This family is small so let me do names. Taylor is in the blue polar bear PJs. Allie is in the back with the Jeans and Hoodie (you should know her by now). Jake is in the back as well sitting next to Allie and Justin is sitting right in front of Jake. Andrew is sitting on Julia’s lap and Luke and Ava are off to the side and you should DEF know them!
This one wouldn’t be so bad except Justin looks like he wants to kill someone, Luke and Ava aren’t looking at all, Jake is doing is fake smile and Allie is well who knows what she’s doing! 
This would have been good except Ava is trying to ESCAPE!
Justin is starting to complain about the flashes going off in his face lol
Restraining Ava isn’t possible!
We’ve officially lost them…Well accept for Ava and Andrew…figures
Maybe this is the best one!! K enough of those!
Ava caring her gift bag like a purse!
Opening some presents from Grandma
and its boots!!
She wanted to put everything she got on!
Julia’s new coat
Jake’s new shirt!
and his boots! He so damn handsome!
Allie’s new coat…I sense a winter theme from Grandma!
Pretty Jules!
David and My  Our Mom!!
Scott and Lisa (Taylor and Justin’s parents)!
Me and My Daddy!
More gifts, this time from Aunt Denise!
Also from Aunt Denise, cooking lessons for the girls!
Aunt Denise showing the boys where Santa was!
They loved watching Santa and seeing where he was going next! So cute! Luke kept asking where is he now? and once we told him he wouldn’t forget and he would tell anyone who asked where Santa was! Andrew and Ava loved it too!
So that was Christmas Eve! One of my favorite days during the holiday season! I also have pictures from NYE and “Little” Christmas with my Dad’s family to share later!
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