Preview Clips for Tonight’s Teen Mom

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share some clips from tonight’s Teen Mom episode. I’ll be writing a re-cap after the episode has aired and I’ll also be tweeting about it! I <3 that show!

Ryan Needs to Grow Up

Ryan Takes on Truck Driving

Even though Maci isn’t technically a single Mom she sorta is. Ryan just doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself. Typical young male. I’m really over him and I hope she is too. 

Tyler Works on Car

It’s amazing how Tyler (or Catelynn) for that matter managed to even have a remotely good head on their shoulders. Seriously they seem like the only ones (as a couple) who really get it.

Amber Looks for a Babysitter!

I don’t know how I feel about Amber just yet. I know I’ve been watching from the beginning so I should but I don’t know sometimes I can sympathize with her and other times I can’t. Like in that clip above I don’t understand what she wants to do. Gary’s mother needs to work and pay the bills too. Gary should have been a little more considerate and not gone back to school while she was going back to school. I mean he was out of HS before her and he was willing to wait then. But it’s hard to see what everyone’s TRUE story is from an hour once a week. Not sure what’s going on with Farrah this week, I’m sure it’ll have more to do with juggling her dating life and Baby Sophia. In my opinion dating should be at the bottom of her priority list but it’s obviously not.

It’s funny because even though I’m not technically a Teen Mom I definitely understand what a lot of them are going through being a young Mom who’s unmarried. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the ideals you have for when you finally start having children go out the window when you have an unplanned pregnancy.

So Teen Mom comes on at 10pm today on MTV! Check it out it’s worth it. You’ll either be like “whoa I love my life” or you can find some people to sympathize with to a certain extent.

Teen Mom Recap!!!
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