New Year’s Eve

So this New Year’s Eve wasn’t exactly what I had wanted. For one I ALWAYS spend it with  my family and this was one of the first years that it didn’t quite work out like that. I’ve spent I think ONE other New Year’s without my parents and siblings and that was a couple years back when I spent it with my HS BF. Last year I spent it at home as well I had plans to meet up with the HS BF but that didn’t quite work out. Guessing it was because of what was to come.

Anyway I ended up spending it without my Mom and Dad and my brother David. See Mom was at work and Dad went to celebrate the New Year with her and David was allowed to go out with friends. It’s amazing how the oldest SOMETIMES gets the short end of the stick when it comes to what they’re allowed to do. I.E. I BEGGED my Mom to let me spend New Year’s with friends and she NEVER let me. I think David was only allowed too because my Mom wasn’t there. Allie tried to go with a friend too and I shot my Dad the NO WAY IN HELL look 🙂 I know who do I think I am? Their Mother? Maybe, just a little, sometimes. Either way I was David had been with us so we could have at least rung the New Year in as siblings. Oh well though. So me and all most of the siblings rung in the New Year at my Aunt Donna’s with some familiar faces like Uncle Joe and his boys, Uncle Michael/Aunt Donna and their girls, Aunt Cheryl/Uncle Dave Jeanette and Oomie. But we were missing my Mom’s side like my Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt Angie, Uncle Efren and Andrew.

Here are some pictures…I’d show the video but not sure if you’d appriciated the noise level in the house or my apparently high pitched voice. Oh and by the way Mom I made sure everyone had some money on them!

Her shirt says I do my Own Stunts haha
Can’t get over that little giggle!
Aunt Donna, Family Friend J, Aunt Cheryl and My Oma! Playing family feud, We’re not competitive at all. HAHA My family who reads this is thinking 1 of 3 things 1) YEA RIGHT 2) I don’t play because you guys are too competitive or 3) I love it 🙂

Pretty much the only picture of Allie I got ALL night
His version of smiling for the camera!
Ava’s hat didn’t quite fit and she didn’t want the Tiara!
But Julia did and soon you’ll see so did I!
Julia and Jacob!
Can’t believe this little one made it till midnight…Well ACTUALLY I CAN but she was starting to get tired here!
Uncle Joe and his boys Joseph (in the green), Jeremy (the one you can’t see!), Justin on the far left, and Jason in the blue. He’s the one who’s blocking Jeremy!

The best one we could get and David is not there 🙁
I made sure to get a picture with David after I picked him up from the party he was at! Which was a whole different story. Let’s just say snow is no fun and slipping down a hill isn’t either.
Jacob and his smiles….one day I’ll catch a real one!
Love this boy!
Luke giving Aunt Cheb some lovin!
So those are all the pictures I got, well not all but I’ve already bored you enough no? I need to learn how to narrow down the picture selection for the blog. I can’t help it sometimes though the family reads it too and they wanna see as many pictures as possible, yea I’m talking about you!
Next up: Little Christmas that we had on Saturday!
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