Little Christmas

Every Year My Dad’s side of the family gets together for Little Christmas. It’s quite the time let me tell you. Although this year I would have to say it was a little more boring. Ya know being preggo doesn’t exactly allow for the beer pong playing that occurs later in the night. And let me tell you how the times have changed! See not too long ago before I turned 21 I had to beg to drink just a little and when I did the adults all looked on as if I was smoking crack which is kinda funny considering how much alcohol is consumed at our family functions. I would go on to say more and MORE but my family reads this blog too hehe. But what I will say is that I saw a lot more wine drinking during this little Christmas by people under the age of 21 with no dirty looks. Can you believe it? Cause even though I can’t I can because sometimes I realize IT IS just because it’s ME. Whatevs. So while no one seem to comment on the drinking I was asked multiple times if I should be drinking THAT coffee…Yes everyone thanks for your concern, I CAN drink DECAFFEINATED coffee! AND CAFFEINATED coffee for that matter (in low quantities of course).

Anywho let me share some pictures instead of the things I’d really like to share….

I love this pictures. Minus the look on Kit’s face. She looks super thrilled. not.
The Girls, Well the older ones that is
Now these are all the girls. Next year I think Allie and Julia should gain entrance into the big girl club at least when it comes to PJs!
The Girls with Ommie and Pa
All of Us! Gotta love a big fam!
Now on to the PRESENTS! My Parents weren’t able to be there 🙁 So I handed out their gifts to the kids they got. I wish we they have waited until my parents got there. But no such luck :/
Michie and Julia
Brothers Joseph and Jeremy
Ava opening some presents!
Trying on Part of her present! Her favorite thing to do!
What can it be!? A basketball hoop of course!
Goodness he’s just too cute for words!
haha silly boy!
Jake and his new Nerf Football Set from Aunt Cathy
Aunt Renee and Julia
Pretty and FUNNY!
She loves taking pictures…have I mentioned that?!
Dave’s waiting for AJ to get his because well you’ll see
Jeremy opening his gift
Joseph getting his!
The big reveal of the jackets!
Keepin it gangsta
awww “Let’s flip the hoodie at the same time!”
Attached at the hip…seriously
I’m the oldest so I go last…and EVERYONE stares. Fun!
My Gift!!!
So I guess I didn’t do such a hot job on lowering the amount of pictures I posted. Oh well. I like pictures damnit 🙂
Looking forward to next year when Bean is there too!!! 
Baby Bucket List
Blessed Event Giveaways!


  1. E. Williamson says

    Thanks for the comment and for following Publicly 🙂
    I can't wait to catch up on your blog. But for now I will say this…
    I LOVE THE PJ'S! I even love how the boys get involved.
    Congrats on the baby and I can't wait to follow your motherhood journey!

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