Baby Bucket List

With a LITTLE over two weeks to go and by little I mean very little because tomorrow I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant, which makes me two weeks away from my Due date, I still have a lot to do to prepare for Bean. So here’s a list that I’m working on (some I have already completed and will cross off accordingly)!

1) Pick out his Name, because you know because that’s sorta important
2) Wash the Walls in his room
3) Wash the Baseboards in his room
4) Vacuum his room
5) Wash his going home clothes, some essentials and some receiving blankets
6) Set up his Crib*
7) Set ups his Changing Table/Dress Combo Unit*
8) Put up wall decorations*
9) Buy Baby Hangers
10) Hang up and or put away all his clothes*
11) Put together his Swing
12) Put together his bouncer
13) Install the Car Seat
14) Put together his Stroller
15) Buy Boppy
16) Return Original Crib
17) Trip to Babies R Us to do above things
18) Clean our Spare Room for When Mom and kids Come
19) Breastfeeding Class (1/11)
20) Clean the entire house…AGAIN and AGAIN!
21) Return Swing at Babies R Us (didn’t put together right WTF)
22) Return items to Walmart (Newborn items are so cute but I got so many newborn outfits I don’t even know what to do with them!) I ended up NOT returning them!
23) Buy Thermometer
24) Search Consignment shops for some items I still want but don’t think are necessarily worth spending a ton of money on (i.e. Wipes Warmer, Snuggle Nest or something like it)
25) Get Nursing Bras/Night Gowns for easy nursing
26) Pack his diaper bag (although I really don’t plan on over packing because I know they give you a ton of stuff at the hospital, including two baby bags filled with stuff, one for Mommy and one for Daddy)
27) Pack my overnight bag

*This won’t be able to be fully completed until sometime after the 15th

So I figured I would stop there but I know there is even more to do. The problem with not getting the furniture until after the 15th (when the coupons kick in DUH) is that I can’t do a lot of stuff like OBVIOUSLY setting up the crib and changing table and hanging stuff up on the walls. Since we’re not painting the room we have a ton of decorations to hang up, including a Giraffe Growth Chart, shelves and frames. I hoping these things will add some pop to his room. I wanted to eventually get letters to spell out his name (in Fabric instead of wood I believe) but I have to actually name him which is a whole different issue.

See I had a name that I really liked and then something happened that made me not so sure of it. And I still really like it but I don’t know I just can’t make up my mind. And it doesn’t help that B and I can’t decide on ANY name! It’s borderline ridiculous. He just refuses to even think about certain names and it drives me nuts because I consider a lot of his crazy names. And B Jr is just not an option. See if there was a big ole ring on my finger or if we were already married I would have NO PROBLEM making little man a Jr. BUT there isn’t and I’m not going to risk my child having a name that I’m not even that thrilled with to begin with. He should just be happy that I’m even giving him his last name because I don’t have to do that. And there are plenty of women out there who are unmarried that DON’T give their baby HIS last name.

Anyway that’s my huge “Baby Bucket List”

38 Weeks
Little Christmas


  1. Sarah says

    IF you go to Wal Mart to get your boppy it is only 20 dollars. It is a generic brand of Boppy pillows, but is the exact same thing. It is always good to save some money before the little one arrives :). Good luck with getting the list completed.

  2. Just Add Walter says

    ok my advice is skip to #26 and #27 and get some REST while you still can!! The rest will work itself out!!!!!!!

  3. Mighty M says

    2 weeks – so exciting! I know you can get most of it done, and if not, no biggie! Except for the name thing of course! 🙂

  4. Just Add Walter says

    ok my advice is skip to #26 and #27 and get some REST while you still can!! The rest will work itself out!!!!!!!

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