40 Weeks 3 Days

**Update: 40 Weeks, 5 Days Belly Pictures**

I’m officially three days overdue!

I knew I’d be late I had a feeling the entire time but I didn’t realize how weird it would be to know that it would LITERALLY be any day now! At this rate I’m hoping to go into labor on my birthday which is this Friday and have him before it becomes February 1st. But we’ll see.

There are so many factors that are going into this and it’s really just driving me crazy that I don’t know exactly when he’s coming. Because that would just make life so much easier!

I still haven’t dropped. At least I don’t think I have it’s sorta the same that I’ve explained before sometimes it feels like he’s dropped and then he floats right back to where he started. Although I do think that he’s spending more time in the dropped position.

I spent some time on Twitter yesterday with a couple of great women who let me know some things I could do to help naturally induce labor. I think I’m going to start working on that on the 28th or the 29th. Is it really selfish of me that I don’t want to have him on my birthday? I know if he comes on my birthday I’m not going to be upset because well I’ll obviously be preoccupied but I’m going to be giving up so much to be a Mom and I’ve already given up so much…Can’t I just keep my birthday? I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Maybe it is. One of the suggestions I was given was getting a pedicure so I think I’ll save that for my Birthday. It’ll be a nice little present for me I think. And hey if it induces labor that would be pretty cool too. And if I go into labor on my Birthday my parents will still be able to come. My Dad won’t have to miss as much work and David will be able to come as well because his finals will be over. I think his last test is the 28th.

So what have I been doing these last couple of days?

Not much. Just patiently waiting for the little guy to arrive. B hasn’t been as patient although he was thrilled that Bean didn’t decide to make his arrival yesterday during the Saints game…just like I promised. Speaking of the Saints B couldn’t be more thrilled that they won the game yesterday and we’re both excited to dress our little guy up in Saints gear. Although we have to get him a black onesie since the Saints one that B got him was WAY too big. Remember how cute that was?

Oh and I’ve been reading the Twilight series. Like it’s my job. I’m halfway through the final book and I’m loving it! I can’t wait to see what happens. Which also explains why I haven’t been on here as much as usual. That and not much is going on in my life. We’re pretty much as prepared as we can be for Bean’s arrival and we’re literally just waiting for that first sign that he’s ready. Oh and my computer has been doing this weird thing. See when I write in the compose mode on blogger I can’t see what I’m typing. So I have to write in the Edit HTML mode which would be fine if it wasn’t sorta weird. And other weird things have been going on with my computer. Any ideas? Maybe a firefox update? I don’t know. And great now and error has occurred while saving. I better post before I lose it!

A Very Special Day!


  1. Just Add Walter says

    Yay Saints!!! I have been channeling my energy to make Bean hurry up and make his appearance… apparently he is a stubborn little boy!!

  2. Mrs. Lovely says

    I don't really blame you for not wanting him to come on your birthday – you want to keep something that's your own and there's nothing wrong with that. I say if he comes on your birthday, you just celebrate your birthday a couple days before or after so that you get that day that's just about YOU.

    Hope he comes soon, you must be uncomfortable! 🙂

  3. Caro says

    Go get a body wrap at a spa, it is forbidden for pregnat women as it may start the delivery process and give contractions. Isnt this what you want 😉

  4. Beth P. says

    We're all entitled to have a special day – I totally understand not wanting to share your birthday. However, if it does happen, just think that it is something that only you and bean will share!

    Get a pedicure with a really good foot and ankle rub! Eat eggplant parm, spicy mexican food, and go for a long walk. Good luck! I'm waiting from that post from your cousin… every time I see you on my list I get a little excited 🙂 Haha.

  5. Chari says

    I hope he comes soon for you! Did your doctor check you to see if you have even dilated yet? A natural way to help induce labor, is the very thing that got you pregnant can help you get out of it 🙂

  6. E. Williamson says

    You're silly… I remember having all sorts of funny feelings at the end. I was mad that Kyah could have possibly been born on someone else in the families birthday. I just remember crying because I wanted him to have his OWN birthday and not have to share it with anyone. Looking back it's not a big deal, but my head was just so crazy there at the end.
    I tried things to help Kyah come out but all in all, God's in control and he'll be here when he gets here. That was the thing I hated hearing most, but it's true. Just think… you'll be looking at his adorable little face before the end of next week regardless. 🙂

  7. fraizerbaz says

    A friend of mine told me to rub/massage the heels of my feet, because in reflexology, this stimulates your reproductive system, or so I was told.

    Also, try to take lots of walks, if you can.

  8. Jackie Smith says

    I don't think you are selfish at all (about not wanting the baby coming out on your birthday). Good luck and best wishes…

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