37 Week Baby Belly Pictures

As promised but late again…I’m the worst at this.



Yea, I know the stretch marks are bad. And if like B you’re going to suggest I “rub something on them” I do!! ALL THE TIME! Well not all the time but still a lot. They’re there for life. Great 22. Sweet.

So I’ve heard that they’re comes a time where every child tells their mother/father/parents that they “hate” them. I’ve already come up with a quick witted response–I’m going to lift up my shirt point to my stretch marks and say “I HATE YOU TOO!” But right now as he squirms in my tummy I’m guessing he’s NEVER EVER gonna say he hates his Mama! So I’ll never have to scar him for life with the sight of my stretch marked tummy 🙂

I had my doctors appointment (1/4) today. I don’t know how your doctor’s office was but I feel like EVERY time I go I’m never there for too long at all. Efficient I guess? Or maybe it’s the times I go? Always in the morning or right after lunch. Anyway today I went and saw another one of the male doctors. I still have seen/met about 3 of the doctors that work there and with 3 appointments left that makes me a little nervous. And really only 2 appointments left because next one is already scheduled with a doctor I’ve seen already. I’ll have to call them and discuss this.  ANYWAY again, for real this time, nothing has changed as far as dilation goes. Still at a big fat nothing. Which is REALLY good at this point. His head has dropped a little tiny bit but nothing much really. Also I asked how the doctor how much he thought Bean weighed since numerous people have asked me. His first response “More than 4 and less than 12” I thought WELL THANK GOD and that SURE IS A WIDE RANGE before I realized he was just joking. He estimates that Bean is currently between 6 and 7lbs. I could have guessed that 😉

My next appointment is a week from today so I will keep everyone updated!

Rewind: Christmas Eve
37 Weeks


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