10 Days!!! or NOT

So with today being the 12th I have ten days until my due date. But apparently NOT ten days until the little guy joins us.

I went to the doctor yesterday and not only has he not dropped (which I pretty much knew) but I’m not dilated at all. So my doctor thinks that I’ll at the very least hold out to my due date and probably won’t have him until after. This make complete sense to me. It just don’t feel like it’s happening soon. This also works out for my Mom who is planning on coming for the birth. It’s so funny because I called her at work yesterday forgetting that she was working a day shift instead of her usual night shift and she called back immediately because she wanted to make sure I wasn’t in labor. And then I called my Aunt Denise today and she picked up all out of breathe and I was like what’s wrong? And she explained that she was running on her treadmill but wanted to pick up to make sure I wasn’t in labor! Expect some REALLY REALLY funny pranks to be occurring soon. At least funny to me 🙂

So let’s see what else…Oh B and I have been trying to set up the house for when My Mom comes. We’ve slowly been getting curtains that we’ve needed and setting up the spare room for when she comes. He wants it to look like a real home. Even though I think it already does. Although it is WAY cleaner and homier since I first moved in. We also got stools for the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms because Luke is coming and we have comfort height toilets which are taller than regular toilets and we’re afraid he won’t be able to use the bathroom without them!

I went to my breastfeeding class last night also. B didn’t come with me which I didn’t think was that big of a deal until I got there and EVERY other female there had her husband/Boyfriend/Fiancee there. I texted B basically telling him that I hated him for LIFE! Because I sorta do especially since the lady running the class not only made a point to thank all the fathers for attending but also kept making sure she included single mothers. FML. He promised he would go to all the other “important” classes. Everyone else in the class wasn’t excepting there babies until February and March so when I said I was due in 11 days everyone was like OMG! But I mean I’m going to remember a whole lot more about that class than they are I can promise you that!

I know I was suppose to post Baby Belly Pictures and I did take them but I’m going to wait to post them until the 39th week with those pictures because otherwise I think the posts will be too close together. No biggie you can wait 🙂

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  1. Christina says

    LOL about the class. 😉
    As far as your question about the hospital bags, everything you have sounds perfect!! Its coming up so soon!! Enjoy your last 10 days! (or however many days you may have left. 🙂

  2. Annie says

    OMG, only ten days. Those days are going to fly very fast I'm sure of that.

    I'm so excited for his arrival ( I feel like your family, anxious,haha)

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