Who Dat?

B is a SUPER HUGE Saints fan and today I must say I was thrilled that the Saints managed to beat the Redskins in overtime by 3. Living in VA EVERYONE seems to be a Skins fan so it was nice for B to be able to say HIS team won. Not that the Skins having been winning anything anyway.

Football today has been more than I can handle though, I don’t feel good at all, I’ve been nauseous and my head hurts 🙁

So what’s a girl to do? Well I’m getting ready to have some ice cream cause you know ice cream cures EVERYTHING and soon I’ll be bundling  up in my bed watching Sunday night TV that doesn’t involve ANY football whatsoever! YAY!

Remember the Blessed Event at Happily Domestic I’ve been telling you about? Look at the newest Giveaway, It’s for a KidCo PeaPod


Isn’t that neat? It would be cool to add to my baby arsenal! Especially since I’m going to be traveling an awful lot, this I’m sure of! And The Design Girl Blog (which I’m sure a lot of you follow anyway) is also having a giveaway for a $75 Gift Certificate to Sosobella Designs, they have amazing jewelry!

Speaking of traveling my trip back to VA the other day was not good I was so uncomfortable and I’m not looking forward to making this trip again, which I’m going to have to do at least twice 1) For Christmas/New Years and then 2) My Babyshower. Which I’m going to probably have to find out the weekend that it’s happening which really really sucks. I wanted it to be a surprise. Nothing has been as I imagined my first pregnancy to be and I’m not going to lie sometimes it really sucks. I’m getting over it, cause I have to but it still sucks.

I’ll post 33 Week pictures tomorrow when I’m feeling better!

Let it Snow...
33 Weeks!

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