Way Back When-sday!

Remember a while ago when I said I would try and find pictures of the other kids to show you from way back when? Well I FINALLY did it! This is from about 3 1/2 Years ago when we went to Disney. It’s crazy how much more grown they are ONLY 3 years later!
My first second handsome little man. That’s right Dave! You’re first LOL
Excuse me–Children playing on top of the Honey Pot I’m trying to take a picture!
Seriously KID! Trying to take a picture!!! 😉
Could you even tell that was Luke? Maybe you could from previous posts.

Dave is apparently MIA on this trip! Maybe he hadn’t gotten there yet!
Too Cheap to buy the picture lol!!
Apparently the ONLY picture I took of Dave while we were in Disney! Not sure what happened too it, but it’s still one of my faves for some reason! 
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35 Weeks
Busy Baby Week!!!


  1. Girlie | Brochures Printing Online says

    Looks like everybody had a lot of fun in Disneyland. Love Dave and Lucas' photo. So cute!

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