Thursday Tirade

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while for now but the timing was never right, this week it is!

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I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones or what but EVERYTHING is pissing me off.

I called Chase Bank today to talk about my student loans and without getting into the details they told me something VERY IMPORTANT that they NEVER told me before. This piece of information has added infinite stress to my life. I started to cry. I couldn’t help myself. And the woman says to me oh you shouldn’t cry, you’re pregnant I’m sure that’s not good for the baby in this VERY condescending effing voice. I wanted to reach through the phone and kill her.

FIRST–I’m crying and upset because of a piece of information that your place of employment failed to mention to me the NUMEROUS other times I spoke with representatives about this issue.
SECOND–I’m crying not doing drugs I think my Baby will be fine.
THIRD—Mind your own business I mean REALLY?!!

I’m just so tired of everyone having something to say. Don’t eat that it has too much salt. Should you be having that piece of cake? Should you be lifting that? Should you be going out in the cold? Shouldn’t you this shouldn’t you that.

And it’s not that people are saying it. It’s the way they say it, like they know so much better than I do! My Body, My Pregnancy, My Baby

And B is really starting to make me angry. I mean this morning he was all complaining because “I don’t do is laundry right” WELL THEN…DO IT YOURSELF

Then I was all upset today about the whole Bank thing and B comes upstairs and is like C and S are coming over so the dogs can play. Then B continues on to say that He and C are going to the park with the dogs but S is staying behind with me. Um? Sure no problem I GUESS…Not like I have a choice anyway apparently. So S stays behind with me and it’s really not so bad but S is also pregnant and due in 13 days and she’s always telling me gross disgusting things about pregnancy in general. I.E. I do not care about your friend’s swollen vulva…YUCK!!!

Whew…I feel much better now!

34 Weeks!!
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  1. Just Add Walter says

    oh honey! Student loans are the worst… I am sorry those meanies are giving you a hard time!

    And I can only imagine the amount of unwarranted advice you are getting — that must be miserable! They need to just leave you alone!!! At the same time, let people pamper you and do things for you if they want — they just care about you and want the best!

    Thanks so much for playing in the Thursday Tirade — hopefully you feel better getting some of that off your chest!! 🙂

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