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So I’m sitting here watching Teen Mom and I seriously love that show! First of all I LOVED 16 and Pregnant. It came out when I was like 3-4 months pregnant and I made sure to tune in pretty much every week, at the time it came on, I NEVER do that with MTV shows (unless I’m in VA and don’t have my DVR). Anyway I was thrilled when I found out they were continuing the series with Teen Mom. So some thoughts…

I can’t believe Caitlin and Tyler (the ones who gave their baby up for adoption) weren’t using protection after having a BABY. I mean SERIOUSLY? As if once wasn’t enough! P.S. I love the idea of open adoption. Did you see how happy Caitlin was looking though all the pictures they send her? I wonder how long that will last!

As far as Farrah goes I don’t think it’s so bad that she’s dating. First of all she looks amazing (seriously hate her for that) and Second she’s still young and she’s doing a lot for herself and Sophia from what I can see. Dating a little bit isn’t going to kill her. And as long as she’s not out till all hours of the night ignoring little Sophia they’ll all be fine. And maybe her parents should have been more concerned about who she was dating when she was 17. MAYBE if they were she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place. By the way I think even the most involved parents end up with BIG surprises on their hands. And Farrah’s mom saying “ruled by your crotch” to the boy Farrah’s dating SUCKS FYourL Farrah! UPDATE: Cole turned out to be a jerk and Farrah is starting to make me a little angry.

And Maci, dump that boy he sucks. Seriously SUCKS! Bentley by the way is ADORABLE! Also I feel bad for Amber. Girl has serious anxiety/depression issues and caring for Leah seems to be super overwhelming for her.

Okay enough about Teen Mom.

I got this GREAT Loaded Baked Potato Soup recipe from Amanda @ Twice the Love…Half the Sleep SO I made it today and seriously, BEST SOUP EVER! THANKS for sharing Amanda!!! My cold Saturday would not have been the same without it!

My Dad was working on the roof today…not sure if he was putting up lights (late I know) or working on my old room BUT he fell off the later and my Mom had to bring him to the hospital. That was hours ago and he’s still there! They’re awaiting test results. So Please PLEASE keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Baby Belly Pictures later tonight…after I escape the full belly feeling from the previously mentioned AMAZING soup!!

Baby Belly Pictures Week 34
34 Weeks!!


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