So Little Time

I hate blogger/firefox/my computer sometimes! I had this whole post typed up and then BOOM it was gone!

Let’s try this again…

I have so much to do and not enough time at all! First things first is that I have to get the nursery prepared! And it’s almost impossible to do because a lot of the stuff that is in there needs to go into the spare bedroom that our roommate just moved out of. Yes, THAT roommate! But since she’s still paying for the month of December she can still keep her stuff in their and she does in fact still have stuff in there which means I can’t move anything into that room or get it prepared for when my Mom comes until at least Jan 1st, after that anything is game in my opinion. Although B seems to be under the impression that she’s paying January too but that’s not the impression I got and when I told him that He was all “Well take care of it Christa, Find out, make sure she knows the agreement was till January” But I REFUSE to do so, 1) I’m not her landlord 2) We’re not even friends anymore! I don’t even know why he would want me to deal with it when he knows how much it stressed me out the last time. I mean SERIOUSLY I just don’t get him sometimes!

Oh and by the way when I walked into the spare room today to get some pictures to post here (for before photos) I saw about 5 glasses and a bowl with a spoon just chillin in there! No wonder it smells stale and funky in there. Oh and the empty beer bottle on the floor and the carton of OJ…YUCK. And today I went to clean out this jug filled with Lemons from this time she made homemade lemonade and the lemons were MOLDY and the jug was SMELLY! And this is not the first time she’s ruined my tupperware by making it MOLDY and SMELLY. She offered to clean the first one with bleach. Ummmm NO THANKS!

Anyway here are some before pictures of the nursery. It’s a mess but the good part is that most of it will be going into either the attic or the spare room!

See the outdated poster in the background? and the Sports Illustrated Calender…oh the bachelor days are over Dear B
The Desk is going to go in the spare room!
With maybe the Chair as well, even though it matches the stuff in our living room.
The Closet is the only thing that’s semi-organized. Although it does still have some of B’s clothes! And the 6 Drawer thing is way too high! I can barely hang up clothes…Not sure what to do with it!
And here is the spare room…
Had to show you the cups and stuff that way you didn’t think I was kidding!
The closet, not a bad size!

 This is were I’m going to put the desk, as long as it fits. It’s pretty much behind the door. But it’ll be used more for storage than for an actual in use desk, at least for now!
So there are the rooms, Hopefully within the next four weeks I can show you the progress I’ve made and the finished product. I’m still trying to convince B to paint the nursery! I just want a nice blue that’ll grow with him. That’s not too much to ask for right?

Oh and if you could? Pretty Please? With Sugar on Top!!
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Merry SITSmas!!
Let it Snow...


  1. Just Add Walter says

    oh lordy.. wish I could help you out with the cleaning/decorating! I would be so angry at your roommate… they need to get out NOW!!!

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