Merry Christmas!

First and Foremost… 


I can’t believe how quickly the holidays came and went! Shopping this year was INSANE! I can’t believe my mother and I got everything done so quickly! She even bought me my Christmas gift right in front of my face!!!

I got a video camera! And I couldn’t be happier! I’m so glad that now I’ll be able to record videos of my little man when he comes! I also want to tape some of the labor (before we go to the hospital) and after we have him…Don’t worry there will be NO TMI video. I don’t even want B looking down there lol….hmmmm if only I would have had that attitude beforehand…..

My Parents also fixed my car which was really amazing of them. They have done so much for me! I didn’t even want a Christmas present this year and thought I wasn’t getting one!!

The kids LOVED everything they got. Some of the “big ticket items” they got were David–Netbook, Alexandra–Digital Camera, Julia–Digital Camera, and Jacob–DS I. Luke and Ava got a bunch of stuff. Some of Luke’s favorites were his remote control car and scooter. Ava loved her “babies” (doll) and a Graco set which had a crib and stroller among other things. It was sooo funny cause my parents got each other the SAME EXACT thing…an IPOD Nano and neither one of them knew they were getting it for each other. The look on their faces were priceless…It was really cute!

It was so fun to watch all the kids open their presents…I can’t wait until next year. Little Man will be 11 months old! Speaking of Bean I’ll be posting the 34 Week update directly after this as well as Part 1 of My Baby Shower!!

Here are some Christmas Pictures!!!

Our Christmas Tree (Pre-Gifts) I should have taken it at Night!
Luke, Jacob, and Ava
David, Julia and Alexandra!
Luke Waiting for his Gift
Ava, She was SOO cute! She would open her present, admire it, gather up all the paper and throw it away, Look at her gift some more and then look for a new one!!
Luke helping Ava
Getting his bouncy ball!
He loves play guns…
They would be thrilled to see this picture lol
Opening his Hugg a Planet that he proceeded to throw directly in my face lol
Ava showing me her doll…
Luke opening his Scooter (with Ava’s help) He LOVED his scooter!
This is after Christmas when my cousin Andrew came over with my Aunt and Uncle. He also got a scooter from my parents!
I love this picture. They’re all so close in age and are going to have so much fun growing up together just like me and my cousins did. And soon my little guy will be joining them. Imagine being an Uncle or Aunt before you turn 4? and in Ava’s case before you turn 2??
Okay so I think that’s enough picture overload from now! I have so many posts planned and most of them will be REWINDS! I.E. My Baby Shower and Christmas Eve.
36 Weeks and Baby Belly Pictures


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