Let it Snow…

It snowed here on Saturday and it was the perfect snowman, snow angels, snow ball making snow EVER!

But did I get to do any of the above? Not Really, Well I did get to make a couple of snowballs, but after B realized that the only good place to hit me was my belly he started feeling kinda bad for Bean. Yet another perk of being preggo! Anyway the main reason I couldn’t/didn’t do these things was because of Cash. See B and Cash went outside before I did and he made a mess of the yard, he LOVED the snow! We figured our February, Wisconsin born puppy would love it!

B, all bundled up helping me bundle up, he was tucking my jeans into my boots! He didn’t want me to take this picture and doesn’t know I did…
He would barely stay still for a picture he was so excited! Do you see the snow in the background? It’s all messed up with doggy prints!
“Why are you taking pictures? Come Play!”
The tree made it look like it only snowed in some spots!
Digging for the Grass!
Looking up into the tree…I think that’s the right way lol
And my preggo self all bundled up, I know not the most flattering picture but I thought everyone needed to see how bundled up I got, B made me! I was pretty hot especially in the belly area cause I had like 7 layers on it! It’s hard to tell but I’m wearing that Glove and Scarf Set I won a couple of weeks back, so warm!
I love the snow but I also love coming inside and sipping on Hot Chocolate, which is exactly what we ended up doing, much to Cash’s dismay! Wanna hear the not so best part of the Hot Chocolate drinking? Realizing it expired in June of 2007! YUCK! That’s what I get for eating something that was pre-me in B’s house.
I’m headed off to bed though, B is making a huge breakfast tomorrow and I can’t wait!
So Little Time
Who Dat?


  1. Beth P. says

    Aw, you look so cozy all bundled up! I am so glad I wasn't extremely pregnant in the dead of winter. I'd have a hard time with it – I hate wearing jackets!

    Cash is a cutie. My pup loves the snow too, bouncing around everywhere!

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