Last Day!

So today is the last day of NoBloPoMo and did I succeed? Not quite.

NOT Happy.

I missed ONE day! And at the end up the month! BOOOO me!

Today I thought I’d keep it simple. First I wanted to share this funny little thing I found online. Click to make it larger, it’s worth it. Might help you figure out what healthy lunch you want for tomorrow.

I also wanted to remind everyone to check out the Blessed Event at Happily Domestic. I posted about it Here not too long. It’s a great event especially for all the newbie Mommies and soon to be Mommies out there! So far my favorite giveaway is the Bummis Starter Kit giveaway. Like I’ve already mentioned I’m pretty sure that I’m going to cloth diaper Bean and this would be perfect for me to win since the initial expensive is starting to stress me out a little.

I also found another website that sells seemingly amazing cloth diapers. It’s called Rump-a-rooz. I wish I could put it on my registry! They have an AMAZING Cyber Monday Sale going on today! You get 25% off PLUS Free Shipping on any order over 100 dollars! You can get 6 Diapers for 105! Not so bad I think. Especially when you see the quality. AND I’ve read some great reviews about them. Two things that I love about them (or think I’ll love lol) is the double inner leg gussets and even though it’s a one size fits all diaper there are FOUR different settings.  They also make “liljoeys” for preemies/newborns.

Anyway I’m going to go now. I haven’t been feeling well at all today, a little dizzy/nauseous/lightheaded. I’m hoping this feeling goes away cause I had a rough night last night too, my back hurts so bad in this ONE spot and it makes it really hard to fall asleep! 

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