I hate to Whine….

But I really really have to and I apologize because I try not to whine on here. And geez I hope you aren’t all rolling your eyes going “UM DO YOU READ YOUR BLOG?!”

Anyway I’m not sure if you guys know this but B and I have a roommate she WAS one of my friends, I’ve known her since freshman year. So to make a long story short when B’s roommate moved out I knew Biatch (name has been changed to protect the guilty) needed a place to live and we could use another roommate to help with bills so I let her know. She agreed and moved in around August 1st. It was ALWAYS the agreement that she would leave in Jan when the baby was due. 1) B and I wanted to be a family w/o a roommate and 2) who wants to live with a screaming baby that isn’t theirs? She also agreed to this.

B’s Dad is our landlord and he was NICE enough to NOT make her sign a lease. She has given him her rent late EVERY month. He has not charged her ONE late fee. When I came to NY before Thanksgiving I knew I would be there for an extended amount of time so I GAVE her my babysitting job. She does not have ONE bill in her name at this house so she doesn’t have to worry about paying any bills on time that are under her name. Every month thus far I’ve had to ask NUMEROUS times for the Directv bill ($30). One time I asked for it (10 days after she was suppose to give it to me) and she left got it and then threw it on the table when she got back. LIKE WHAT?

So two days before Thanksgiving I said Hey J (aka BIATCH) I really need that 30 for the bill it’s already late and the next one is due soon as well so you might as well just give me 60 for both months. She says sure no problem. I say great you can just throw it in my account, she says okay. FOUR days after Thanksgiving the money is still not in my account and she hasn’t contacted me so I mention it to her again and say “I really need that money, the bill is already late and I don’t have the money to cover you” her response? “My engine blew on Thanksgiving so I can’t give you the money, can’t your mom cover you?”

SO I write back and say “My Mom can’t pay my bills, why would she pay yours? Can’t your Mom cover you? and This money was due WAY before Thanksgiving”

She then proceeds to tell me what a bitch I am and she even called me a C U Next Tuesday and I’m like whoa? I didn’t call you any names so the fact that you called me a name is rediculous. I went through the whole you don’t have a lease you don’t have to pay late fees you don’t have any bills in your name, how would you feel if I was doing this to you thing and she still proceeds to tell me that I’m basically a crazy bitch who’s pissing her off and she has half the mind to NOT give me the money.

Am I missing something here? I ask her for the money she owes and hasn’t paid on time ONCE and I’m the evil doer here? Seriously if I’m missing something let me know!

Today she texted me and said I put 40 in your account my mother said she’s not paying the rest and if you have a problem with it you can take it up with her.

I wrote back and said, you owe me 20, YOU can give me the  money with the job I GAVE YOU! And I don’t need to speak to your mother I don’t live with her, I don’t want to talk to your “MOMMY” about your bills your 22 years old get a friggin grip

She never wrote back of course. I’m so annoyed I can’t even begin to tell you. She’s moving out early (which she decided over a month ago) but she still has stuff in the house and will still be paying Decembers rent or so she claims. Although I don’t believe her AT ALL! And we can’t even get her on it because B’s dad was nice enough to not give her a lease, so now we’re being screwed for being nice people. I can’t take this.

Last year my roommate got pregnant and never moved into our house so my other roommate and I spent the entire 12 months splitting bills in 2 which if I would have known that was going to happen (she knew she was pregnant before she signed the lease by her own admission) I NEVER would have moved in there.This roommate cost me WAY OVER 500 in bills and gas to heat our house. I just don’t understand why EVERYONE thinks I can just pay their bills. I’m pregnant, no one is paying MY bills (okay B pays our rent lol)

Ugh sorry I just had to get that out. I know at this point it’s only 20 bucks, but I think it’s the whole principal of the thing. I mean calling me those names when I didn’t do anything wrong I just don’t get it. I guess we weren’t friends in the first place cause a friend would never do that. It seriously has me wishing hateful things on her which isn’t good, I know.

If you made it this far Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Way Back Whensday!
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  1. Beth P. says

    First, this is YOUR blog, you are entitled to write whatever you want. Second, this sounds like a very toxic relationship that needs to end. Obviously I don't know the person you're writing about, but there is something there that sparked some ugly feelings. You don't need that! Third, I like your new layout!

  2. Mighty M says

    Don't think you are whining, this is just more of a vent session – and well deserved. I can't believe people sometime – I sure have had some interesting roommates in my time too!! Hope you have a happier day!!

  3. Annie says

    I think that when you write this post you loose some 20 pounds. It was a stressful relation with a friend that was not supposed to act the way she did.

    I agree with first commenter, that friendship need to end.

    Try to take it easy and remember baby Bean feels everything.

  4. Frugal Vicki says

    I think some boundaries were crossed on her part. Some things were said that just can't be taken back. And you are always welcome to whine on your blog, that is what your bloggy buddies are here for. I would probably end the friendship too.

  5. Mrs. Lovely says

    I agree, this is more of a vent. And she was a total bitch to not pay you and to call you a c-u-next-tuesday.

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