Busy Baby Week!!!

It’s been and will continue to be a BUSY BABY WEEK!

Yesterday B and I drove an hour away to go to Babies R Us. There we picked out the stroller and a new bed set. I still LOVE my first bed set but wanted to put another on their, ya know just in case someone wanted to buy it 🙂 It’s adorable and brand new. I would say it reminds me more of a boy but it’s still more unisex. It’s Kids Line Peek a Boo Pal Bedding. Take a quick look and let me know what you think!

We also picked out the stroller.

I actually like the orange a lot and usually I’m not so much of an orange girl. It’s a little extreme for lack of a better word for mall shopping (notice the brake and the strap you can put on your hand for if you’re running) but B really liked it and wanted it. The other strollers just weren’t cutting it either. B said he’ll get another stroller for mall shopping and such when the baby is ready. Fine By Me!

Today, we went to the pre-registration at the hospital. Word of advice if the doctor says oh you should register between x and x months register a month before that! While I did register a little later than I had wanted to all the classes were pretty much booked anyway! I’m not even taking a Child Birthing Class because they’re all book up. The only one available started on the 20th of Jan…Which for OBVIOUS reasons just isn’t going to work. I was able to sign up for the Breastfeeding, Family Care and Infant CPR. She originally signed me up for the Family Care class on the 29th of December. When I informed her that I would be out of town (HELLO CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK) she was all “Umm I think you’re only suppose to be traveling 50 miles away from the hospital the last month of your pregnancy” and I was sorta just like well, I’m not missing Christmas…So guess I’ll have to risk it. Then she was like but wouldn’t it be awful if you went into labor up there and B missed it? Why  yes, yes it would but I’m hoping that won’t happen 1 and 2 I’m not missing Christmas with my family! The only way that’s going to happen is if my doctor says I can’t travel because of some sort of complication. And since I don’t see that happening I’m going home for Christmas…On Friday to be exact 🙂

Seriously though what would I do if they said I couldn’t drive home? It’s not like I can fly either. Maybe take a train? And then if I go into labor in NY My parent can start driving me to VA and B can start driving to NY and we’ll meet in the middle and have the baby wherever that is 😉

Friday is also my next doctor’s appointment so I have quite a few questions to ask her. 1) My gums bleed all the time while I’m brushing my teeth and I’m not brushing hard WHY?! 2) Can I drive? Is it safe? 3) Am I looking to be right on schedule with my due date? Does everything seem normal. Well as normal as normal gets I guess.

I’ve never been a really big question asker mainly because anything I want to know I just look up. But it’s getting closer to B-Day and I just want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Oh and by the way when I went to the hospital there were only TWO babies there. I hope it’s that quiet when Bean and I get there!

And I can’t wait for my Baby Shower! I don’t know when it is or anything like that but I seriously can’t freaking wait! I think it’s going to be so much fun and chance for all my friends and family to get together! So for those of you who may be the accidentally spill the beans type just don’t talk to me 🙂 haha XOXO 

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  1. Christina says

    I love the bedding and the stroller. You stay safe this holiday season, enjoy it with your family!
    Oh, and I got "pregnancy induced gingivitis" when I was pregnant with the girls. Totally normal I do believe.

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