Belly Pictures

33 Week Pictures…Late I know but you should come to expect that lol

And I don’t even want to show these next ones, but I will cause I have been…My skin just couldn’t take this pregnancy and it sucks cause I lotion up all the time and I drink tons of water…Any Suggestions??

Alright gotta finish watching Start Trek with B
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  1. Keith and Jamie says

    Mommy bellys are BEAUTIFUL! Those are miracle marks…I lotioned for days upon days (but with twins…a total of 54 inches around by the time I delivered)and still have miracle marks. Time heals everything…at least that is what I tell myself.

  2. Krysten Hartenstein says

    I so wish I hadn't come here today – makes me want to be pregnant. My hubby will not be happy lol.

  3. Mighty M says

    Must be hard to be pregnant in the cold weather – it is so dry when you are NOT pregnant. Looking good though! 🙂

  4. Midday Escapades says

    I agree with above poster – mommy belly is beautiful. Oh, I so miss being pregnant. Sorry no ideas from me about the stretch marks. I didn't take any steps to prevent with my two.

    Thanks for participating in my Follow Me Linky today and for my buttons in your sidebar. I'm off to follow you on Twitter.

  5. Brit says

    Hey girl… the stretch mark madness, the deflated boobs, the hemroid butt woes… all a part of the miracle of life.. EMBRACE IT! hehe I'm one of those gals that hated being pregnant… love the baby… didn't love the way my body changed…but it's one of those things where it is so worth it!

    It's okay… it happens to the best of us. I lathered up in lotion and then it broke me out all over into a hivey rash and I had to sit in Aveeno bath every night and day praying I would stop digging at my itchy skin… I realized eventually that I didn't really care so much about getting stretch marks!

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