Baby Shower Part 6: More Gifts

I know I know there’s a lot but I want to make sure I get EVERYthing…and plus some people couldn’t make it so now it’s like they were there!!!

My Baby on Board magnet. So excited!
My Moniter
Standing around watching the Queen me open presents
I love all his outfits!
One of my faves!
My infant carseat from my Oma!

My Neighbor framed my Invited! I’m going to put it in Bean’s Room
1 of my Crib sets from my Aunt Donna, Aunt Dina and Uncle Joe
JJ Cole Diaper Caddy Gotta Love it!
Gift from Bly’s Mom, at first I had NO idea what it was! It’s really cute though you can open the stuffed animal and warm or cool the inside “bean bags”
One of the Cute outfits B’s mom gave us
My OTHER bedset from my Aunt Angie and Grandma!
Also SPECIAL thanks to My Aunt Renee, Aunt Cathi and Aunt Cheryl who got me my crib!!
Baby Shower Part 7: I'd like to Thank....
Baby Shower Part 5: Bean officially has more than me!

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