Baby Shower Part 5: Bean officially has more than me!

After I got there I mingled a little with my guests. Then I ate some seriously delicious food and put some make-up on not as much as I wanted too though lol. I then started to open up gifts. Everything was a little rushed once I got there because we were expecting a huge snow storm. A snow storm which didn’t even really come until 7pm that night! Bean got so much great stuff! Here are some way more pictures than necessary of the things I opened. In fact there will be two more posts. I know I know a lot! But like I mentioned I want to Remember EVERYTHING!

Getting Ready to open
The only shot I got with my sisters…too bad we weren’t all looking at the same camera…And Ava wasn’t even there! 
Courtney and Ciara, Julia and Allie
My Mom Reading the cute little poem she found. She had stuff in Bean’s Bassinet filled with key words from the poem i.e Nursery, Pamper, Bond etc.
It was like Christmas!!!
All Eyes on Me!!
Diaper Genie
My Stroller!
There’s Ava! And my bouncer!
Ava loves presents. She wanted to open them and play with everything!
So Many Pretty HANDSOME Blankets!
Look at the cute Robe!
Super Seat from Lisa!
More Blankets! Obsessed!

I think blogger wants me to stop putting up pictures because it won’t let me put up anymore! Only two more parts I’m sure! Once again thanks for bearing with me!

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