Baby Shower Part 4: The Cake, The Invites, The Favor and some of his Goodies!

So do you guys remember this post? Well a little reminder is that I discussed cakes that I liked. And even said that my favorite was this one:

Well my friend Erica is amazing at making cakes and she asked my Mom if she could make the cake and my Mom said OF COURSE…and this is what she made


Erica and I with the Cake

Cutting the Cake with my Mom
**Erica, Thank you so much for making my cake! I LOVED IT! It means so much to me that you were not only there but also made my cake! I couldn’t  have asked for anything better!
My siblings also made me some amazing baked goodies!!
Julia with the Cookie Cake she made. She was much happier that day then it looks in this picture!
Here is the invitation that my Mom put together. 
What the invitation said, minus the address obviously lol!

The back of the invitation! 

One of the poems that were attached to the back. My Mom combined two separate poems to create this one. I love this because I got a ton of books fo’r Beans library! My favorite was “I love you Forever” It’s such an amazing book! I actually got 3 copies so I guess I’m not the only one who thinks so 🙂 

The other poem that my Aunt made if I remember correctly. This was for my clothesline which you’ll see pictures of next!
These were the favors! 
This is my clothesline!

Do you see the cute little robe?!?

The outfit he’s going home in might be in here…

So cute!

Some of the books Bean got!

His bassinet filled with goodies. This is also the bassinet that Luke and Ava used!
Next Up will be the Gift Opening and that’s it I swear!
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