Baby Shower Part 2

The Day of:

December 19th 2009 we celebrated the coming of Baby Bean, of my little man! It was so much fun! Here’s what happened prior…

At 9:30 in the morning my Grandmother came in to the room to make sure I was getting up for my 10am hair appointment. My Mom was so calm that morning she was just sitting on the coach using the computer and my Grandmother was getting ready to go out with my Titi Isa. She was saying how she was going to bring Ava with her and I was like UM NO because there is going to be a huge snow storm and I don’t want two old blind ladies driving her around lol. And by old I mean like in their early 60s which isn’t even that old. Either way my Mom was like no it’s fine Christa don’t be ridiculous. I reluctantly agreed.

By 10 o’clock I was at my hair appointment and I was chit chatting the whole time with Dee. I mentioned that we were going to take family pictures that day and also that I KNEW my shower was coming up soon. She must have been so glad that my head was down since she was cutting my hair lol.

After my hair appointment I went home and called my Mom because I wanted to get my eyebrows done (they were so GROSS). She couldn’t go with me because she had to bring my Grandfather back to the Elks club because he “forget his wallet” turns out they were getting ice for the party! But she did however suggest that I go get my eyebrows done so with it being Saturday and knowing that pictures of some sort were going to be coming up whether it be for family pictures, My shower or Christmas I went and my Sister Allie came with me. Oh and when I got home from my hair appointment my Dad was like Oh you’re back so soon!!! And I was like yea it wasn’t that long at all. And he started texting someone, apparently my Mom to tell her that I was home already.

So I get back from getting my eyebrows done and my Mom is still not home so I call her and she tells me that she stopped with my Grandfather to get a bagel I was like um okay again she was very calm so I just kept thinking damn, it must not be today! I even texted B and told him My shower is NOT today FML!

My Grandmother then invited Julia to go with her, Ava and my Titi Isa. She showered and got dressed. She was wearing sweatpants and a wrinkled shirt so I didn’t think she would be going to my shower looking a mess lol. My Grandmother on the other hand did look nice and she even made a comment saying how She was dressed all nice because her mother told her that she looked fat and her hair was a mess the last time she saw her. Which happened to be true LMAO! My Abuelita is hilarious!

So then my Mom came home and I was still debating if I was going to the Army Basketball game. I decided I was going and told my Dad that I would drive since his ribs are still healing and what not. My Mom asked me to go with her to the store really quick (Home Goods to be exact) I said Sure but we had to be back by 2:00pm. My Dad who is usually super anal about being punctual was all like sure go with your Mom, We still have time which shocked me because it was already almost 1pm. My Mom was telling Allie to hurry up and finish showering and we were kind rushing but I didn’t think much about it because I had to hurry up and get back to go to the Army game. My Mom even asked me where my pretty orange shirt was.

Then we left the house and headed towards the highway/Home Goods. My Mom was telling me about Cheermania uniform fittings and I was saying oh it’s going to get canceled because of the snow. She then turned on the highway and popped a quick U-Turn and was like oh wait I’m going to go to Aunt Donna’s really quick to pick up some papers for the fittings tomorrow and I was like okay no problem. Then she was all Why did you let me do that? We’re running out of time. When we turned onto the street there were a bunch of cars parked on her street. I even said to my Mom “Looks like someone is having a party” and she was like LOL “Maybe it’s Aunt Donna and she didn’t invited us” I was like haha yea right! Now that was the part where it should have clicked in my brain but it seriously didn’t! It’s the holidays and that street ALWAYS has parties! We pulled into the drive way and I said to my Mom I’m going to run in because otherwise you’ll be chatting and we’ll never make it back in time from Home Goods. And she was like okay…I went up the walkway and even looked in the window by the front door and saw my Aunt Angie. BUT STILL didn’t think much of it even though it’s really weird that she would be there! But looking in the window and opening the door kinda happened at the same time so it all happened so fast I didn’t even get to register it! I was SOOO surprised…

I look HUGE in these pictures but wanted everyone to see the look on my face! I turned SO red!

Notice my Mom holding my Orange Shirt!!
Reason Why I should have known
1) My Mom was MIA all morning
2) I had my hair appointment and when I got back my Dad was like that was quick
3) My Dad was really calm about me leaving the house with my Mom to go shopping an hour before I was suppose to leave with him
4) My Grandmother got dressed up to go out with her sister
5) ALL the cars outside my Aunt’s perfect for entertaining house
6) My Mom asked me where my Orange shirt was specifically…AGAIN
7) I saw my Aunt Angie and others through the window
Reasons why I didn’t
1) My Mom was calm
2) My Sisters weren’t dressed to the nines or anything
3) There are always parties on that street
4) My Aunt is involved with Cheermania as well so it wasn’t weird that she would have something for my Mom to pick up
5) It’s not uncommon for My Mom to be scatterbrained and therefore almost get on the highway but turn around
Oh and FYI when I got in the car with My Mom and Ally to go to Home Goods I was like hope it doesn’t snow just in case something was planned for TOMORROW…My Mom was like yea lol, what are you talking about? It kinda made me think that something WAS going on on Sunday.
Next Up in the Baby Shower Series…Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures…I will probably break it up into two or three posts so that I don’t overwhelm everyone! I know it’s a lot to read so if you made it this far THANK YOU! I’m just had such an amazing time and wanted to make sure I remembered as much as possible and this is one way that I can do it!
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