Baby Shower Part 1

December 18th–The Day Before!

So everyone who reads this or follows me on Twitter knew that I knew that my shower was coming up. I even thought it was going to be on Saturday the 19th. And I was right. So how was I still surprised you wonder? I’m not so sure myself. But I was!

As most of you know the south got hit with a HUGE snow storm! I think we ended up getting around 2 feet in Virginia. I could be wrong though because I wasn’t there. My Mom kept making sure that I was going to be home on the 18th. This made me think that my shower must be on the 19th. So I made sure that I got home.

I had my doctor’s appointment on the 18th (not fun FYI) and everything was good with Bean, just like I knew it would be! That morning I woke up wondering how my Mom would get me to dress up and I thought oooh I know Family Pictures since we hadn’t done our card yet.

On my SIX hour drive home I was trying to call EVERYONE but no one would pick up the phone and if they did they wouldn’t talk for long (HELLO SARAH AND MICHELLE and my MOM for that matter). I talked to Danielle and expressed that I thought my shower might be the next day and Danielle was so cool about it she was just like honestly I don’t know, I didn’t even see an invation because I just got back from school, it could here, it could be right now and I wouldn’t know. The funny part with that is I find out that not only was it actually at her house but when she said it could be “right now” my Mom was getting ready to come over and decorate. When I did talk to my Mother she mentioned how we might be taking family pictures on Saturday after I got my hair done.

So I also called my cousin AJ and told him what I thought (although let me point out I DIDN’T want to know and I said that to them I just wanted to talk about my thoughts). AJ was like Oh I dunno, all I know is that Me, your Dad, Jake etc. are going to an Army Basketball game. And I was like oh that doesn’t matter because you boys don’t need to be there. Then my Dad was like “Oh tell Christa we have a ticket for her if she wants to come” So I was like um yea maybe it depends, so that sorta threw me off. Apparently when my Dad said that my little brother Jake was like “Isn’t her shower tomorrow??!” AJ said it looked like my Dad was going to kill him!

Also I knew that my Mother, Grandmother and Aunt Angie were all at Babies R Us because My Aunt Angie called me and was like “Hey really quick can I get your zip code?” I KNEW she needed my zip so she could use my Rewards card at Babies R Us and informed her that it works with my email address and gave her that instead. She made sure she got it right and then was like “I don’t know why you’re giving me that I need your zip” She then went on to say that she needs it for Christmas cards so I gave it to her and was like sooo you need my zip and not my address? And then she asked for my address….HELLO PEOPLE I’m NOT completely oblivious, although it turns out I am!

As soon as I got home around 9:30 Dave and AJ took off, leaving me all alone in the house with the babies! The mids were at Aunt Reene’s baking. Yet ANOTHER DUH but since they always bake with Aunt Renee I really didn’t think much of it! Anyway AJ was suppose to be taking a shower and at like 12:30am which was like 3 hours after they left I was like WTF that is the longest shower EVER! Turns out they were helping my Mom decorate!

Anyway my Mom and grandmother got home late that night like 2am but I didn’t think much of it because I thought they would be Christmas shopping and my Mom seemed really calm. So we stayed up till like 4am talked a little and watched a show. Then I went to bed because I had a hair appointment at 10am the next morning with Dee (a family friend) who had squeezed me in at the last minute.

Hints I got on this day that should have made me KNOW:

1) My Mom mentioned taking family pictures
2) She was getting a haircut and got Dee to squeeze me in WAY close to the holidays and WAY short notice (this might have actually happened the 17th, can’t remember)
3) Everyone was being strange on the phone
4) My friend Christine hung up on me after I started talking about when I thought my shower would be lol
5) The Mids (Jake, Allie and Julia) were baking at Aunt Renee’s
6) My Mom was out “Christmas shopping” but didn’t bring home any bags! WEIRD 
7) My Mom, Aunt Angie and Grandmother were all at Babies R Us

Reasons Why I though hmmm maybe not

1) My Mom was way too calm considering that my shower was the next day AND we were expecting a HUGE snow storm
2) My Dad invited me to the Army game and it didn’t seem “planned” at all
3) Did I mention my Mom was calm? If you know her you know this too not always be the case when she has something very important to do.
4) My Mother let me stay up till 4am and didn’t insist that I go to bed…Thanks for that by the way I didn’t look all that hot at my shower lol
5) My sisters and brothers didn’t say anything at all, not even a hint. So weird for them I think!

To be continued….

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