Baby Belly Pictures Week 34

Here are the pictures I promised! Only two days late! You proud?

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think I LOOK bigger…Maybe I do though…or maybe it’s the black…I’m not sure! Either way today I’m 34 Weeks and 2 Days SO that means I have 5 Weeks and 5 Days left. Maybe longer depending on when the little guy decides he wants to make his appearance. B wants him to come on 1/23 because then his birthday will be 123 lol. I wouldn’t mind that. Oh and did you notice Cash in pretty much EVERY picture. That puppy will not let B and I do ANYTHING without him. So annoying at times! But cute too…I guess…
So needless to say I’ve had Baby Names on the brain! We DO have a couple that we’ve narrowed it down to but I’m still not completely sure about it. I think I am but actually committing is kinda driving me nuts. So I have a job for you girls, simple SORTA…Name My BABY! lol  
What do you think Baby Bean’s name should be?
I like traditional names but we were thinking we wanted something a little different. And by the way Truck is NOT going to be our child’s name. Yea I said Truck. See a couple of weeks ago I MADE B supply me a top five list and Truck was one of them. Truck! Can you believe it?
B and I are going to Babies R Us tomorrow to pick out a stroller, which I’m really excited about. I have a feeling that it’s coming up very soon! Tuesday I get to FINALLY pre-register at the hospital. I’m excited but really nervous too. I’m not very experienced with this hospital (which I guess is a good thing). I just hope I like it! And Friday I have an appointment and after that appointment I’ll be doing weekly appointments which just shows how close to the end I really am.
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  1. Mighty M says

    No, not too much bigger. And I like traditional name too so I would not be nominating Truck at all! Save it for a celebrity!! 🙂

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