2010 SAY WHAT?!

2000: 10 Years ago I don’t really remember where I was. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I was 12. Yes 12.  So in 2000 I don’t remember much. Is that bad? Probably Not too bad. I was 12 after all. I probably had little BF and was preoccupied with that. I can promise you one thing I know I rang in the New Year with my family just like always. I’ve only ever spent one New Year’s away from them. Sorta sad for a 22 year old lol. My mother was pregnant with Jacob that year. He ended up coming in on February 9th It’s easy to remember how old he is. Thank you for being born in 2000! I wish I had my computer so I could add pictures! Oh well!

2001: I remember more where I was 9 years ago! It was about to be 2001 and My Brother Jacob was ALMOST a year. He looked absolutely adorable that New Year’s and we had great pictures of him. Also that year I graduated from Middle School (the same year B graduated from high school in a land far far away (you know VA).

2002: ? Good question. I know how old we all were lol. But no births that I can think of. Although I know I have cousins to add somewhere along here. Any Help Aunt Renee?

2003: Same I mean I know I was in High School by this time and I’m sure tons of stuff happened in my oh so dramatic life. But looking back now nothing seems significant.

2004:  Another one of those…Have NO CLUE years! Was my life that boring or did things just not mean that much?

2005: Now this year I remember! I graduated High School in June of this year. I was so excited to be moving on! This is also the same year I started college at JMU. Who would have known that this was actually the beginning of where I’d be now. This is the year my Mom also got pregnant with Luke! But it wasn’t until….

2006: My Mom FOUND out about and had Luke. I was still a freshman in college. And all my friends were like EWWW Your parents still do it?! Thanks for that by the way! Anyway he was born in July of that year! This was also the first year I was on my own, no parents no dorm room.

2007: Luke turned 1 this year! We spent some of this time thinking that he was deaf because we would call his name and he would ignore us. We even took him to the doctor. It turned he wasn’t he was just way used to the noise level in our house THANK GOD! This is the year my Mom found out about Ava.We were at Hershey Park when she told me and I thought she was lying FOR SURE! I had a feeling another little one would be joining us after Luke because she would sometimes make jokes BUT STILL. I’m still not sure if it was an accident or if she was planned. This year Allie and Julia went to Disney with their Pop Warner Team!

2008:  Was a LEAP YEAR for those of you who don’t remember. And that’s when Ava Elizabeth made her arrival into this world. Much to my Mother’s displeasure. Especially since she was right about the fact that Ava was just fine. Luckily despite being 5 weeks early she was healthy! Although she had no eyebrows which I was very very concerned with. She got them eventually though. Thank goodness.

2009: So much happened this year! Ava turned 1! And developed the cutest personality such a girly girl! Luke turned 3, such a big boy! David turned 16!!!! Jake turned 9! Allie turned 22 12, Julia turned 11 and I turned 22! Oh and did you notice that I sometimes spell Ally with a Y and sometimes with and IE? Well this is also the year that Ally decided she wanted to be Allie. This is the year that I met Bly, graduated College (May) and got pregnant with Bean (also May). I’ve spent 8/12 months of this year pregnant! CRAZY! Who would have thunk it? Certainly not me!

2010?!? Who knows what’s to come…Well one thing I know for sure is Bean will be here in 3 weeks and 1 day! Maybe longer…

New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Have a SAFE delivery and a Happy HEALTHY Baby Boy
2) Breastfeed Baby Bean for HOPEFULLY a Year
3) Lose the Baby Weight + 25 pounds (what I wanted to lose before I got preggo)
4) Be more optimistic
5) Find a Good job that allows me to be flexible or have a SET schedule (i.e. no midday shifts like with retail or food service)
6) Visit my family once a month so they can see Bean!
7) Pick a name out for Bean (this one should be a given but thought I’d throw it up here. So I can cross another one off my list!)
8) Be more Patient
9) Be more appreciative of the things I do have in life.
10) Go back to school?

Okay I think that’s it for now. I do plan on making a MUCH longer list of all the things I want to accomplish in 2010 as a way to keep myself motivated. I love lists and crossing things off and posting it here will hold me accountable for sure!

Have a SAFE and HAPPY New Year!!

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