Yes! Yes! Yes!

So about that ticket…I went today and was there for about an hour which as must of you know isn’t so bad for traffic court!

Anyway for a little back story on the ticket I almost got my license suspended because I missed my last court date. I was at school in VA and had completely forgotten about it. When I went to the court clerk I had to pay a $100 “bail” to make sure I showed up to court. I had been expecting to have to pay more money on top of the $100 bail but instead I got the ticket pleaded down.

So get this I have NO points on my license AND I only had to pay a $25 fine which means I’m getting $75 BACK from the court! How exciting is that!

And apparently today is just a day filled with good news. And this news is WAY better than any traffic ticket court news. Many of you probably already follow Stellan and his journey over at MckMama. Those who don’t should check it out. He’s an adorable little boy who just made it out of a long surgery where they only had a 20% chance of “hitting a home run” (getting rid of his SVT) and they did it! They “HIT A HOME RUN”. I’m very excited for them, everyone should head over and share the love!

I’m heading back to VA tomorrow. I have that babysitting job tomorrow, which means and early morning. Then who knows.

Life is complicated!

<3 Me

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  1. CGBG says

    Unfortunately nothing special! Pay for the gas it took me to get back to VA probably! MAYBE some cute PJs for when I go to the hospital!

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