Who Wants to Rub my Feet?

So I was SOOO right about how my feet would feel after working a seven hour shift less than 12 hours after a 7 hour shift….HORRIBLE! Literally I feel like an old woman! I get up from the couch and groan, I walk and moan, I sit and groan! Why are you doing this to me Third Trimester?! Why?

And after work the work isn’t over! I still have two loads of laundry to do before I head to NY and I have to pack as well! Although this time I’m only bringing one bag…I SWEAR! And I’m leaving my precious Hazel behind because she’s not a fan of the car and since I’ll only be gone for five days it seems unfair to take her with me! Last time I took her home with me she puked (when I was 15 minutes away from home FYI!) it was sooo gross cleaning it up!

Even though I’m excited to visit NY again I’m not excited about waking up tomorrow morning and driving six hours! Nor am I excited about the reason why I have to go…which is a speeding ticket that I pleaded not guilty to in May of last year! The date kept getting postponed because I was at school in VA etc. Hopefully I can get it reduced because even though I WAS speeding (duh he got me on the radar!) I didn’t realize because my speedometer was broken! Since then I’ve even gotten a new car. So wish me luck on that one!

There are no sports on tonight…I never thought I would say type this but I’m genuinely upset by this! I don’t watch any shows on Tuesday so I’m sorta bored (hence the random post lol). Any good shows to watch on Tuesday (for next Tuesday of course, OR this Tuesday if you respond fast enough lol).

Oh and one more thing…Remember those earrings I won a couple of weeks ago from Keeping up With Kelly? Well she’s hosting two more giveaways that you guys should check out. One is for a CUTE Monogram Bathroom Set and the other is for a gorgeous Blue Crochet Afghan. Go Check it out maybe my baby luck will rub off on you!

I’ll leave you with another cute picture of Luke on Halloween…Sorry there are none of Ava my Mom (Love you!) isn’t exactly the best at remembering to take pictures and the one I harassed her for got from her wasn’t good quality!

Let's Go Yankees!


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