Way Back Wednesday

Luke in May of 2007? Before his hair turned blonde on us and we wondered where he came from!
Luke, around the same time
Ash Wednesday 2007 (hence the reason why it looks like I have dirt on my face) Anyone notice anything familiar in this picture? YES that’s the shirt I was wearing the other day when I took my weekly belly photos. It’s been very good to me 😉
I can’t believe how big he’s gotten! P.S See that red jacket I’m wearing? I tried it on today. HA that was a Joke all it did was made me wanna cry! And I’m only going to get bigger. I’m just going to have to accept it, and then go on a HUGE diet post-baby bean! Speaking of Baby Bean I have an appointment tomorrow, pretty routine I’m sure. Pretty soon I’m going to have start going every two weeks and then every week! Better call the hospital and register!
<3 Me
Getting to Me.
What I meant to Say!


  1. Frugal Vicki says

    I smile every time you say bean because that is what we called my first. We called the second lady bug because after he was born, we called him bug. I love it!

  2. Midday Escapades says

    Whoa – Luke is freaking gorgeous – so cute and adorable!!!! Gotta love shirts that you can wear forever, too. Don't worry about the red jacket. You'll be looking fit and fine after baby in no time.

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