Sunday @ the Park!

Today I brought the kids to the park! They had a blast! Hopefully it’ll be nice tomorrow too and I can take them again! I didn’t get it on camera but Ava was so cute with everyone else there! This little girl came up to her and Ava gave her a hug and a kiss…NOT the best thing to do during flu season but cute nonetheless! The park I brought them to is gorgeous and pretty much brand new! It’s right on the Hudson River, I didn’t get many pictures of the actual park, but I do have pictures of the view…somewhere!

Going down the slide!
Let me Out!!
That’s Luke’s eye! I was sitting underneath the castle portion of the play area and he was on top he kept looking through the holes going “I See you! Can you See me?”
And the View!
After the park we went to Jake’s basketball game. It was the first game of the season. Last year they won the Championship. The first game of the season was intense! It went into overtime and everything. They ended up losing by one point 🙁 The other team was thrilled, we however weren’t but it’s only the first game of the season. My bets are on a second championship. So that was my Sunday!
<3 Me
Some Fall (and yea Halloweenish) Pictures
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