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So my sister hasn’t been feeling well. She’s been spiking fevers and has nasty cough. If I’m going to be honest she doesn’t look very well either. So my Mom took J to the doctor today. And guess what, she has H1N1. Does anyone remember this post? Well now I’m wishing more then ever that I got the shot. I know I had my concerns before but now I’m also concerned that I’m going to catch this flu and feel like crap and possibly end up in the hospital like the apparent 40% of pregnant woman who get H1N1.

My Mom works in a local hospital and at first they tried to make it so that EVERY health professional was required to take the H1N1 before they would be allowed to work. My Mom and MANY others were not happy about this and it actually went to court (my Mom was NOT involved in the case, FYI), so they ended up no longer being required to get the H1N1. Both my Mother and I have never had a Flu shot hence the reason why we were both reluctant to get the H1N1 shot. To top it off my Mom also knows a woman who’s friend was pregnant, having a normal pregnancy etc. when she got the H1N1 Shot and all sorts of complications started to arise. She’s going to try and get me in touch with this woman. So even though I’m wishing I got it since I’ve definitely been exposed, I’m also glad I didn’t. I waiting to call my OB tomorrow to see what they recommend that I do. But since I’m in NY right now (were I’m not insured) I’m not sure what I can do, if anything at all!

Also health related, I was just watching the news and apparently there are new Breast Cancer guidelines that were released by the government. Here’s an article you can check out for more information. So what is essentially being said that self-exams should no longer be of concern (or taken as seriously as they may be now) and that women should now wait until they are 50 instead of 40 to start getting mammograms.

Olivia Newton John, Christina Applegate and Jaclyn Smith are just a few celebrities speaking out against these new guidelines. According to the new guidelines Christina Applegate wouldn’t have been diagnosed until it was way too late, Since she was diagnosed at age 36. Jaclyn Smith while she was in her 50s when she caught the cancer the new guidelines also suggest waiting longer in between mammograms, if she had done that she would have caught the cancer too late!

Personally I know women who have been diagnosed before age 40 and after. I know women who are survivors, trying to survivor and who fought the best they could. I feel like maybe we should be testing earlier rather than later. I’m sure other people may have different opinions. But I just wanted to share this because I thought it was important for ALL women to know whether they agree with the new guidelines are not!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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