Some Very Limited Thanksgiving Pictures

So my Aunt who usually takes a ton of pictures did, but she deleted them on accident the next day. I was semi relying on those photos for this post but I did take some….

That’s my Cousin Jeanette holding Ava!

She loves getting tickled!

But not posing for pictures

Michelle passing out after eating the Turkey!

Refusing to look at the camera like always.

Dave and AJ, not the best pictures but still!

He didn’t eat turkey…Just Ice Pops

He didn’t want to leave so…

He fought us the whole time!
I know Ava’s Dress looks a little Eastery but it was too cute for her not to wear! She was so excited to put on her dress, stockings and shoes! After my Aunt Cathy’s house we went over to my Aunt Angie’s (Mom’s Sister) for dessert. I didn’t take pictures there which was silly because Luke and Andrew (their son) get along so well, they’re pretty much best friends and it’s going to be cute seeing them all grown up. Luke also threw a fit when we left there, he did NOT want to leave playtime with Andrew! I felt so bad!
All in all it was a good day! I look forward to next year when Bean is here!

Sleepy Sunday
Award Time


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