Sadly, I missed one day yesterday for my NaBloPoMo.

I’m really disappointed! I was home! I could have done it. I just kept putting it off and then I went to post something and by the time I did, it was 12:03am BUMMER! So maybe I’ll make up two excuses for myself 1) I was still up so technically the day hadn’t ended, at least not for me. I bet I have a post AT LEAST once every 24 hours! And also I have posted two times a day on multiple occasions. That should count right? Well even if it doesn’t I did my best *tear*

So I bet you guys think I forgot all about Thanksgiving right? I haven’t said really anything about it nor have I said what I’m thankful for. It’s not that I’m not Thankful for anything, I’m thankful for a lot BUT I figured I would wait until tomorrow to post what I’m thankful for because I know one thing I’ll be thankful for for sure, Getting away from my NUTSO family in order to write the post. Don’t get me wrong even though they’re nutso I still love them (well most of them) AND Thanksgiving.

As I write this I’m watching I didn’t know I Was Pregnant on TLC. Does anyone else thing this is the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard? I just don’t get it. Okay I can understand not knowing for the first couple of months. But don’t ALL babies kick? How did these women mistake kicking for gas? Also some of them said they didn’t have their monthly visit, but they didn’t have any signs of being pregnant. UM WHAT? You didn’t have your period. That is why MOST women think they’re pregnant. That was my first clue! I don’t maybe one of you have had a similar experience to these woman and can enlighten me on how this mistake can be made.

I’m still debating using cloth diapers. And I think I really want to. The only thing holding me back is the initial expense and the fact that I have NO idea about what it REALLY entails. Does anyone? If you do, email me (clovecg (at)gmail (dot) com) or comment. I was thinking about the bumgenius one size fits all but I wonder if the one size fits all really FITS all. And I can’t figure out what the difference is between pockets and inserts and all that. Who knows if I’m even using the right words lol. HELP!!!!

Also Kelly @ Keeping up With Kelly is hosting a cute Christmas giveaway that you should check out. You could win a Cute Snowman with Shower Gel and Lotion or Cocoa Samplers! Either one would be a nice little treat for you OR a cute gift for others.

And for those who won’t be checking blogs tomorrow


Happy Thanksgiving!
What I ended up going With

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