Not Motivated!

Why? Because I’m exhausted! My back is killing me, and I’m sorta stressing out about the fact that Bean is going to be here in less than 10 weeks! And I don’t have anything ready, nothing at all! And with the holidays coming up I’m just getting more stressed….oh and did I mention my students loans are kicking in? Without or without me!

So what did I do today? Nothing that really should make me exhausted, except that I slept on the couch, and Luke came over to me and pushed me as hard as he could to wake me up and said “CHRISTAAAAAA I want chocolate milk!” He’s done it pretty much EVERY morning.

And tomorrow I know automatically that I can’t sleep in because I have to take him to school. I know I shouldn’t be complaining that I can’t sleep in because really no one who reads this ever gets to sleep in either. But my life is a little different right now and I want to take advantage of the fact that I can sleep in now! While I still can! But being here I can’t. Being there I can but there are different obstacles to face.

Speaking of Luke I’ve decided to have him decide Bean’s name. Whenever I think of a name I just ask him if he likes it. So far the only name he likes is Luke. Sweet.


That’s what I fee like!

Happy Birthday Mom!
Some Fall (and yea Halloweenish) Pictures


  1. Annie says

    Don't worry, some days are like today. Try to rest,sleep and be relax, remember the baby feels anxiety like you. So try to be relax.

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  2. Priscila says

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