So I’ve been seeing this on a few other blogs and decided I would do it too! Basically what NaBloPoMo is a commitment to write one blog post everyday for the month of November! If you’d like to join click the link! It’s super easy to sign up! Some other bloggers joining in on the fun areA Few of My Favorite Things and Chatty Nicoley so go check them out!

Anyway I finally got a shift today at Victoria’s Secret! YES! I even managed to pick up another shift tomorrow! The only bad part is that 7 hours on my feet is absolutely killing me! By the time five hours had past I think every party of my body was swollen, especially my feet! But it’s nice to be working again!

So being the amazing employee that I am I thought I’d let you guys know about some knew things that we have! First you may have already seen the commercials but if you spend $10.00 or more you get a “Secret Santa Giftcard” from now until the end of November. On December first you go back to the store go up to register and check to see how much your Secret Santa Giftcard is worth. Without a doubt it’s worth at least 10 but it could also be up $500! Which is AMAZING! So EVERYONE should def go and get something (maybe some early, well early for me, Christmas shopping?)!

Also we’ve got a brand new Bra it’s called the miraculous one. It increases your bra size by TWO cups! Now I’m already chesty so I wasn’t even going to bother with it but I tried it on tonight and it wasn’t so bad. It held the girls up nice so you should check that out too!

Oh and I don’t work there BUT all the oils at Bath & Body Works are $4.00 which is a good deal! It’s not the best because occasionally they have them 2 for 5 but it’s still a good deal especially if you want to get some of the Fall Scents before they’re all gone! I got Pumpkin Patch today and it smells so good! I also have Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Ginger Vanilla and Autumn Apple (in the rooms sprays).

So wish me luck on this whole blogging everyday thing! I think I’ll be able to pull it off since I practically do it now but I’m afraid that being in NY this week is going to slow me down! I’ll just have to make an extra effort!

<3 Me

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