My First Award!

I got my first Blog award from Josie at The Poor College Students Guide to Raising a Baby  

Seeing as this is my first one, I’m very excited about it! So thanks Josie 🙂 Make sure you pay Josie a visit.  The requirements to receive this award say that I have to pass it along to 15 blogs that I think are lovely. That shouldn’t be too hard considering I read a ton and they’re all pretty lovely 😉 So I’m passing it along to:
Laugh Until You Cry  (Even though I know you have it already)
Go Check everyone out!
And Thanks Again Josie!
Giveaways @ The Shopping Mama
30 Weeks


  1. Midday Escapades says

    Congrats on your first award and to all your recipients! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest, too. It's a great day all around.

    I appreciate you stopping by my place and leaving a comment. Happy escapes!

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