Let’s Go Yankees!

So I just got in to New York (Well an hour ago) and I’m watching the yankee game! How fitting would it be if they won in NY while I was in NY? My Aunt Denise is there and I’m SOOOO jealous! That’s the other reason why I hope they win tonight! How cool would it be if they were able to see the Yankees win the World Series in person?!

So today I had planned on doing Way Back Wednesday like a lot of you other ladies and was even planning what pictures I would post on the way home when I realized that all my pictures were on my computer which I left in VA. Not only that but I left the cord to load pictures onto this computer in VA and I left VERY important coupons for Babies R Us there too. So I managed to pack only one bag this time around but I left some important stuff! Not Happy…

When I got home the kids were so cute, Ally ran out and hugged me and Luke came flying out  the door screaming “Christa’s Home!!!” It made me feel loved 🙂 and even Ava who can be indifferent with me sometimes (cause she’s not used to me as much as she should be) ran up to me and gave me a hug! It was the custest thing EVER! She’s getting so big and soo smart! It helps having Luke around! She’s so funny though such a little bully! I always hear Luke going “STOP IT AVAAAAAA”

So instead I’ll share something funny I found on the internet!

Me and B decided we would SOOO do the Ditto thing.
and one from My Life is Average
Yesterday in Physics someone’s phone went off to the tune of the Justice League. After the professor paused his lecture to acknowledge the phone, the kid answered his phone and replied, “The University is in trouble?! We’re on our way!” The kid stood up, ripped off his t-shirt, revealed the Superman costume underneath, and exclaimed “Super Friends, Assemble!” Scattered across the class of about 150, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, and Flash all stood up and promptly left the class to save Auburn University. MLIA

Hope you enjoyed! I’m off to cheer for the yankees! I don’t want to get my hopes up BUT it’s looking good so far!

<3 Me

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