My sleeping schedule is all out of whack. I’m up to all hours of the night and I wake up way to early (sleeping in the living room will do that to you! as will watching the little ones).

Luke was up allll night the night before last. My Dad said he was still up at 5:00am which explains why when I got him ready for preschool he was soo tired and whiny! Needless to say he passed out last night at like 9:30. I was excited about this! I knew it would mean an early morning for me but I wanted to get him more on a schedule like that so he wasn’t up till all hours of the night like he usually is. So what does Luke say to this whole being on a different schedule thing? He says I’m going to wake up at 4:00 in the morning and wake Daddy up and then when he gets into the shower at 6:30 he’s going to come and wake Christa up.

So at 6:30 this morning I hear “Christaaaaa”. At this point I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming and then I hear it again “Christaaaa” so he comes and cuddles up with me on the couch and says can I get a drink? So I can get him some OJ. Then he’s all can I have some frosted flakes? SO I get him frosted flakes! The kid was WIDE awake as if it were two in the afternoon! After he was done we went and laid down and he took a 2 hour nap!

Now Ava and Luke are up. Luke STILL seems tired and Ava is being a little devil of course! You should see how bad she is sometimes! I just had to spank her hand because she keeps cocking her arm back and bitch slapping me! And I’m not a fan of it. If it’s the last thing I do I’m going to teach that girl that slapping me in the face when she’s mad is NOT okay! Maybe I’ll provoke her one day so you can see how hard she does it! (I guess I won’t smack her on the hand if I provoke her!) Well she’s running up the stairs, So I’m off to catch the little squirt!)

That’s the look she gives you when she’s like “Um excuse me, WTF do you think you’re doing”
And that’s not even the worst of it! It’s like a serious stink eye. But it will probably never be fully caught on camera because we’ll all be to busy running and hiding!
31 Weeks
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  1. Tamara says

    ooooo insommnia sucks 🙁 I've been having it lately too, walking around like a zombie, but mine is from taking care of 9 puppies round the clock.

    Hope you get some sleep!!! I'm following you now also.

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