Here’s What being Addicted to the Internet gets you!

Here are some funny things I’ve found that I wanted to share! (as before click on it to see a bigger version!)

I thought this one was sooo true! I know for sure my friends and I have said similar things. Obviously not to that extreme though!
This I found on  So many times this site just cracks me up! I mean don’t people think about the things they do and say? The things I have found on here are just outrageous sometimes! Although technically speaking you can die and be brought back to life, but STILL!
This is HILARIOUS! I mean 12 really?! Who does that? And if you do sorry but I can promise you one thing once my kid can come up to me and lift up my shirt like I’m some sort of fountain I think I’m going to be done. I remember seeing something on Oprah years back about this sorta thing and I just don’t think it’s appropriate. Thoughts?
And finally from MLIA 
Yesterday, I asked my son, daughter, and her friend to wait in the car while I picked something up. My son protested, but I assured him it would only take a minute. As I got back, he claimed that he timed me, and it had taken me six minutes, and went on about how I owed him 6 minutes of his life back. My daughters friend (who had sat in silence the entire time) abruptly turned to him, and said “Paul, don’t you owe her about 9 months of her life back?” Guess who is aloud to come over whenever she wants now. MLIA
I thought this was super funny and so true! Yay daughter’s friend sitting in the back seat!
I think I’ll probably do a post every week with stuff I find and think is funny…Not sure what day though! Probably Saturdays…
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