Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was so weird this year. First of all we weren’t together as long as we usually were. At least that’s what it felt like and second it was so much quieter! We have a HUGE family. My Dad is one of seven and there are about 17 Grandkids but this year 7 of us were missing because My Uncle Joe and his four boys didn’t come up and My Uncle Mark and his two kids didn’t come either. We’re all so much older now too so there isn’t as much noise. Now we have to wait until all the cousins start having kids…starting with me apparently…

Some things I’m grateful for:

1) My Parents
2) The Little Ones Luke and Ava, and Jule, Jake, Ally and Dave (even though he’s not really a little one)
3) B
4) You Guys 🙂
5) My computer/internt access
6) Food on my Table
7) Roof over my Head

and Especially

32 Weeks


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