Halloween May be Over….

But it didn’t stop me and my Aunt from taking pictures of the kids in their costumes and in the leaves! So here’s some pictures from our fun filled day! And P.S. We finally got pictures of Ava in her adorable costume.

Julia and I got the kids ready in record time and Me, Ally, Julia, Luke and Ava headed off to see Jake’s last game. He scored a goal!  

Then we headed back to the house for our Halloween/Fall Photo Shoot!
Luke giving Ava a kiss…how adorable!
If only Luke had been looking! I love this picture!
Okay this post was super picture heavy and I still have more to share so I’ll do that tomorrow. We’ve got pictures of them playing in the leaves and I even have video! It’s super cute! Oh and ALL of these pictures were taken by my Aunt Renee…
<3 Me
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Here's What being Addicted to the Internet gets you!


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