Finishing up the Baby Registry!

So today me and my Mom went and finished up my baby registry. As you may (or may not) know I was having trouble deciding on what I wanted to get when it came to my patterns which I discussed in my previous post Baby Bean and Patterns. So I finally made a decision today and this is it.

I definitely need a play-yard. I’m going to be traveling a lot so it’s going to be important to have something portable that I can take with when I go up to NY. And B likes to camp so I’m sure it’s also going to be useful when we do that! I decided on the Deco play yard. I loved the Birkshire BUT it had a ton of ruffles and wasn’t exactly what I wanted for my little boy.

I saw this one in person today and loved it!
Then I decided to get this stroller frame instead of the traditional stroller. They were all really bulky and I really wanted a three wheeler because they are easier to maneuver.

With the Birkshire carseat.

And the Carter’s Bouncer
I also picked out the Carter’s High Chair, I can’t find a picture online but the pattern matches the one above. I still have to decide on a swing (if I get one). As you can see almost nothing matches but I don’t care! I like everything just the way it is and honestly if the Carter’s pattern above came in a car seat I would probably get that one, but it doesn’t so I mixed and matched! 

And Finally the stroller I picked out, for when he’s a little older

So that’s everything that I’ve decided on, I might end up changing my mind but so far this is what I want.
What does everyone think?
29 Weeks

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